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Attorney Email List

Attorney Email List
“Time is money, especially when you are talking to a lawyer or buying a commercial” – Frank Dane So value your time and money, and let us at Lake B2B show you how! We have been serving clients for the last 13 years and can show them the right approach to do business and campaigns to lawyers, attorneys, solicitors and other legal practitioners. Our lawyer database is designed for geo-targeted campaigns and will offer data that is as per client business needs and campaign requirements. Developed with precision and in compliance to international standards our email lists of lawyers are structured, segmented and made easy-to-access for reaching legal practitioners at the most affordable rates. As marketers with services and products for lawyers and attorneys, here’s your chance to make your mark with our attorney email list. Lawyers email lists Features So make sure that you don’t find excuses for failing at global marketing campaigns and in reaching targeted business decision makers.

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Pediatrics Mailing Addresses According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics it is estimated that between 2012-22 there will be an 18% increase in employment opportunities among pediatricians due to increasing healthcare demands! So if you thought the market for pediatricians was saturated, think again! If predicted statistics prove to be right, there could be enormous opportunities for business growth from this single specialty alone! Real Estate Industry Email Lists (Total Records-728,512) The Lake B2B Real Estate Professionals Masterfile consists of over 500,000 agents, brokers, owners, managers and C-level professionals within the real estate industry. Email, postal and telemarketing data are available for a multi-channel campaign. Anesthesiology Mailing Addresses “There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful as expectation of something tomorrow…” – Orison Swett Marden If hope is the most poignant of all medicines, then it’s time for healthcare marketers to take action for a better tomorrow. At Lake B2B we support our client’s hope by empowering them with marketing databases and solutions that will drive their business from being ordinary to exemplary. For ensured business success and security, we therefore offer clients the anesthesiologist email database to bridge gaps in communication.

Neurosurgeons Email List Did You Know: The brain only comprises somewhere around 2% of body weight. But it uses 20% of its energy! If that doesn’t explain how important the brain is, then probably the fact that an established neurosurgeon has an average salary of $581,000 (AMGA Medical Group Compensation & Financial Survey, 2008) can explain things better! All that a person has to do is search on the internet and they will come across thousands of cases where the brain and nerves are responsible for a person’s ill health. CEO Mailing Addresses “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” – Warren Buffett (CEO Berkshire Hathaway) And that’s exactly why your business needs to do things differently! Forget the old fashioned way of using single communication channels to reach targeted business decision makers like CEOs, CFOs, CIOs etc.

Medical Oncologist Email List (Total Records-2,134) In 2015, it is estimated that there will be 1,658,370 new cancer cases and approximately 589,430 deaths due to cancer in the United States – American Cancer Society There are facts that drive action – and this is one of those facts. For medical marketers, CME program providers, pharmaceutical companies or any others, this exponential rise in the number of patients suffering from cancer, is the right time to invest in a relevant email marketing list of medical oncologists, to reach out to specialists who would benefit with the right medical supplies and services. At Lake B2B we can be of help here, by providing clients with verified and validated data on over 1,125 medical oncology specialists with our medical oncologist database. Designed for the smart marketer, ready to take action and roll campaigns, our mailing address list of medical oncologists is niche, customer focused, customized and designed for channelized multichannel communications.

Doctor Email Database "In nothing do men more nearly approach the gods than in giving health to men" - Cicero Doctors are medical professionals who diagnose and treat ailments and restore good health. They are trained to examine, diagnose and treat patients. A medical doctor may specialize in a number of medical areas, such as cardiology, neurology, nephrology, endocrinology, pediatrics, anesthesiology or they can work as general practitioners. At Lake B2B we believe in bringing people closer to doctors and medical specialists who take pride in saving lives. A pioneer in healthcare database management, our focus is to provide clients and businesses with the most accurate and relevant data possible.

Radiation Oncology Mailing Addresses (Total Records-1,508) The average radiation oncologist sees nearly300 patients annually, considering that almost two-thirds of all cancer patients receive radiation during their treatment – RT Answers And numbers don’t lie – especially then they are dealing with thousands of patients. The number of cancer patients has been rising significantly making it integral for oncologists to stay updated on medical innovation and R&D. With the email lists of radiation oncologists by Lake B2B this process is made more convenient.

Oil and Gas Industry Executives Email List “Courage, determination and hard work are all very nice, but not so nice as an oil well in the back yard.” – Mason Cooley At Lake B2B, we will be able to make things “very nice” for you, if you have the courage to explore the oil and gas industry (oil, gas, petroleum, production, distribution, transportation etc.) and the determination to work hard. With our oil and gas industry executives email database to support your marketing efforts we can simplify things for your campaigns. Exploring opportunities with Lake B2B’s Oil and Gas Companies List At Lake B2B we believe in taking timely initiatives and leverage from opportunities. The oil and gas industry is valued in trillions and more, and there have been enough disputes based on oil field ownership.

Physician Assistants Mailing Addresses “Employment of PAs in 2010 was 83,600 and with the BLS projecting a growth of 38-39% it is predicted that physician assistant will be the second fastest growing healthcare specialty, with projected employment of 108,300 in 2020 The figures stated clearly indicate that greater opportunities for business prosperity and expansion are possible in the future. At Lake B2B we are here to build foundations below your ambitions by offering you the physician assistants email database! Integrating data with business strategies with Lake B2B’s physician assistants e-mail list If you have the ambition to prosper, then we can form a great team! With over 13 years experience in the field of database marketing services and solutions, we at Lake B2B can help marketers fill in the blanks.

Dermatology Mailing Database We cited those figures to make marketers realize the potential dermatology as a specialty has, and how much can be benefited from it only if one plays the game systematically and in a planned manner! To start with, one must get for their marketing campaigns comprehensive databases that would support the campaigns with its verified and accurate data on dermatologists. And the dermatologists email database will do that and more for your campaigns! Our database is a powerful marketing tool that contains data from the most diverse marketers, compiled and segmented into a single database so that marketers do not have to refer to different databases for relevant and related data. Further, for achieving business success, mere identification of dermatologists is not sufficient. A proper channel for maintaining regular communication must also be identified.

Dental Doctors Mailing Addresses “…Remember, Oral surgery is not expensive…Neglect is…” (TahoeOralSurgery) In business too, it’s unwise to neglect even the smallest issues. So be focused and make the right choices in the beginning, to avoid greater mistakes in the future. For a marketer of dental products and services smart planning would start with investment in a reliable database, that will take your services and products to dental doctors who would benefit from it. So start now with our dentist email database. How your b2b campaigns get the best coverage with our dentist e-mail list: