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Effective WL Instructors… Effective WL Instructors… Every teacher wants to be the best they can be for their students. While there are many attributes that can make a great teacher we can also observe some behaviors and routines that are in a great world language teacher’s classroom. It’s good to be reminded of the actions that make a good foreign language teacher. A supervisor may use a checklist like these during an observation, you may want to self-assess your own classroom, or if you are really daring, have a student(s) check off on these. Below you will find some rubrics we have found around the web, but first we’d like to highlight some we believe to be most essential. Units have real world language performance goals and students have opportunities to communicate in real world context.Teacher uses the target language to conduct class (with out English translations). Take a look at the following rubrics. 1. We’d like to hear your thoughts. Like this: Like Loading... Related Starting at the End Sticking to Spanish

OER Commons Here Are Some Examples Of Using “Concept Attainment” In Writing Instruction I’ve written and shared on this blog and in my books about the inductive learning method called concept attainment. Basically, teachers placed examples, typically (though not always) from unnamed student work, under the categories of “Yes” and “No.” The class then constructs their own understanding of why the examples are in their categories. My exceptional colleague Lara Hoekstra has developed concept attainment charts she looks to model quick-writes for an immigration unit we teach. Here’s Lara’s chart. 1. 2. 3. I’m adding this post to The Best Posts On Writing Instruction. Let me know if you have similar writing models that you’d like to share…. Related The Best Resources About Inductive Learning & Teaching In the inductive process, students seek patterns and use them to identify their broader meanings and significance. January 16, 2015 In "best of the year" Teachers Might Find My "Concept Attainment - Plus" Instructional Strategy Useful February 2, 2016 In "teacher resources"

Blended Learning Toolkit | The FOCAL SKILLS Approach to Language Education | International Center for FOCAL SKILLS | ICFS Physics Online Homework | Partial Credit Grading | Expert TA Movies and Listening Comprehension in FOCAL SKILLS Programs Clinging to the face of a cliff, Indiana Jones watches as crocodiles devour his enemies in the river far below. Westley kisses Buttercup after rescuing her from the evil Prince Humperdinck. Kevin whoops in glee as the Wet Bandits are hauled off to jail. And a dozen or so ESL students gasp, sigh, laugh, and acquire English. Teachers in IEPs using the FOCAL SKILLS approach have developed a specialized movie technique for accelerating the growth of students' listening comprehension. FOCAL SKILLS is built around the concept of "functional skill integration," (Hastings 1995), which means simply that students' stronger language skills are used as tools for building their weaker skills. The Listening Module meets for three hours daily, with a fourth hour normally reserved for elective classes. In designing the instruction for the Listening Module, we are faced with several challenges. Movies help us meet all three of these challenges. the students' understanding of the story.

Connexions - Sharing Knowledge and Building Communities Mix It Up! Authentic Activities for the World Language Classroom Do you ever feel stuck in a rut while planning your language classes? Perhaps you spend a lot of time lecturing at the white board, use the same activities with different vocabulary for every unit, or rely on teaching students grammar because that's how you were taught. No matter your "go to" activity, we are all much more engaging when we vary our activities and make them relatable. If the speaker is engaging, a good lecture every now and then is enjoyable. However, when faced with daily lectures, students dread class, and hence, learn less. So why not mix it up? When dreaming up new activities, our main focus should always be authenticity. In a previous Edutopia post, I outlined how to best shape a unit around communication. Interpretive Mode Read children’s stories. Interpersonal Mode Engage your students in these activities: Sign a contract on the first day of school promising to use only the target language within your classroom walls. Presentational Mode Have students do these: