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Photos For Class : images libres de droits avec références

Photos For Class : images libres de droits avec références

Cuatro formas de cortar y mezclar videos de YouTube Como muchos docentes sabemos, YouTube esta lleno de mucho contenido que nos puede ser de gran ayuda en el aula de clase, pero que muchas veces como no sabemos manejar bien esta herramienta los directores de Instituciones Educativas bloquean el uso de YouTube. Hoy analizamos cuatro aplicaciones que nos permiten cortar o mezclar videos de YouTube, y así poder atraer la atención de los estudiantes. TubeChop nos permite a los docentes compartir fragmentos de vídeos de YouTube, de una manera muy fácil, ya que podemos realizar la búsqueda en TubeChop directamente. Ya sea mediante la búsqueda y selección de un resultado o la introducción de la URL de un vídeo de YouTube, accederemos al propio vídeo donde directamente tenemos que desplazar los marcadores que tenemos a ambos lados de la barra que tenemos debajo del vídeo, indicando el punto inicial y el punto final. Splicd es una interesante herramienta de edición online que proporciona una forma de compartir fragmentos de un vídeo de Youtube.

10 trucos escondidos para aprovechar YouTube en el aula Profesores y alumnos usan con frecuencia videos en YouTube tanto a nivel personal como educativo. Pero una gran mayoría desconocen funcionalidades que ofrece esta red social que pueden ayudar dentro y fuera del aula. Aquellos centros educativos en donde el acceso a YouTube no esté permitido, en esta entrada conocerán cómo descargarlos de forma rápida o insertarlos en el blog del aula, activando un mayor nivel de seguridad. Aquí tienes algunos trucos que quizás desconozcas: 50 Awesome Household Tips 1) Toothpaste: Buff a CD/DVD Apply toothpaste to a cotton ball and wipe the disc. Wash with water afterwards and you’ve got a brand new disc! 2) Cornstarch: Untangle Knots Sprinkling cornstarch into tough knots, such as shoe laces helps loosen them. 3) Walnut: Buff Dings out of Wood Furniture Get rid of unsightly scratches and dings on wood furniture by rubbing a walnut on the areas. The blemishes will vanish quickly and your furniture and pocket book will be saved.

How to Sharpen Your Powers of Observation: 6 Steps Edit Article Edited by Devan Braden, Teresa, Dreamboy, BR and 9 others Observation is a whole brain skill. Why Are Some People More Prone To Mosquito Bites? And by "some people" I mean me. Why is it that an evening stroll leaves me feeling eaten alive while my companions are left blissfully un-bitten? First of all, it's probably not all in my head (although it could be — most people are bad sources about their own mosquito attractiveness). Studies suggest that about 20 percent of people are "high attractor types" who are especially appealing to the female mosquitoes seeking out blood for the extra protein they need to lay eggs. Of course, not all mosquitoes are the same. There are 150 different species in the United States, each with their own blood-sucking proclivities.

The London Street Food Guide - Compiled by Victoria Philpott Street food in London is tasty, cheap and plentiful – when you know where to look. If you’re looking for cheap eats London is the place to be. Voyager avec son chien à l'étranger (Royaume Uni) - Informations générales - Articles Chien, Vive les chiens Qui n'a pas rêvé d'aller voir le changement de la garde à Buckingham ?Ou de visiter les superbes jardins à l'anglaise ? Ou bien d'aller boire une bière (pardon, 20 free attractions in London Who cares if London's hotels and restaurants tend to be on the expensive side? No city in the world has more free stuff to do. In addition to world-class museums without a ticket admission, you get the parks, canal walks, super markets (Portobello Road Market at Notting Hill Gate, Camden Market at Chalk Farm Rd, wonderful Columbia Road Flower Market at Gosset St in East London etc) and maybe some royal-spotting, and you can fill a life. London, thank you! Here's the mere start of the free list:

Visiter Londres à la sauce rock Visiter Londres, c’est immanquablement aller voir Big Ben, monter dans la coupole de la cathédrale Saint-Paul, passer son dimanche dans Camden Town, flâner le long de la Tamise jusqu’aux Docklands, traverser Hyde Park le nez au vent ou courir dans la prairie de Hampstead Heath. Mais il y une autre manière de découvrir la capitale britannique : les pochettes de disques. Démonstration. Abbey Road

Historic North Wales The age of Chivalry to which so many Welsh castles belong evokes romantic images of heroic knights winning fair ladies' hands. But when you look at the design and construction of Snowdonia's medieval castles , it's clear this wasn't a romantic age at all, but one of hardship and brutality. Snowdonia's castles tell the story of the region's struggles for independence from the English crown, and some of Snowdonia's best-known castles were built by the English king, Edward I, in an effort to subdue the Welsh. But the Welsh princes were also prolific castle builders; Snowdonia's Welsh castles provided protection and served as inspirational symbols of the Welsh struggle for independence. In Victorian times, wealthy land owners looked to the past for inspiration in creating homes that portrayed wealth, status and power; consequently, Snowdonia is dotted with beautiful neo-Norman castellated mansions that ooze character.

Top 10 London Markets - Things To Do London markets sell everything from food to flowers, modern art to antiques, clothes to curios. Large, sprawling markets such as Spitalfields, Camden Market or Portobello Road are ideal if you want to spend a day wandering about, hopefully finding a few bargains along the way. Greenwich is great for gifts and local designers, and you can't beat Borough for a quick bite. Glasgow revealed as the UK city which has inspired the most song titles February 2, 2012 12:01 Scottish city narrowly edges out Edinburgh, Birmingham and Liverpool More Various Artists news, reviews, videos and tour dates Buy Various Artists music from Amazon