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Here Are The 12 Most Fun Activities You Can Do With Children

Here Are The 12 Most Fun Activities You Can Do With Children
When Asia Citro realized her children didn't exactly "believe in sleeping," she set out on a mission to keep them entertained in a healthy way. That mission was to create a fun, educational environment for her children at home, and to do it in a way that was fun for her, too. After posting a few of their activities on Facebook and receiving tons of positive feedback, Citro decided to create her own blog. "I really didn't think it would go anywhere because there are so many blogs," Citro told A+. "I was really lucky a couple of my first posts went viral on Pintrest." They went viral for a good reason: Citro's activities are like nothing we've ever seen before. "A lot of them take me months to figure out, which I know sounds dorky but it's totally true," she said. Below, we've compiled 12 of the coolest sensory play activities Citro has put online, with links to their respective posts on her site.

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Partycraft Secrets: Rocking Round Robin Paper Craft It’s no secret that preschoolers love craft projects that do things. Here’s a paper craft that I made with my girls and posted as a guest contributor over at Projects for Preschoolers, that I called the 'Rocking Round Robin'. Made of two circles, the really do rock when you gently tap their tail! How to Email Your Professor (without being annoying AF) How to Email Your Professor (without being annoying AF) Every semester, I see the tweets and Facebook posts. My professor friends, they are annoyed. Their students do not know how to write emails, they say. What they really mean is that their students don’t know how to follow the conventions of email etiquette in the academy. I used to be exasperated by student emails too.

6 Ways to Make a Collage Edit Article Paper collageFabric collageSand collageNature collageElectronic collageDisplaying collages Edited by Nicole Willson, Kyle G., Jack Herrick, Waited and 109 others How to Make a Pop up Book: 12 Steps Steps Part 1 Planning the Book Out <img alt="Image titled Make a Pop up Book Step 1 preview" src=" width="728" height="410" class="whcdn" onload="WH.performance.clearMarks('image1_rendered'); WH.performance.mark('image1_rendered');"> a Pop up Book Step 1 Version 2.360p.mp4 00:00 -00:07 00:07 spaceplay / pauseescstopffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster (latest Chrome and Safari)←→seek . seek to previous 12…6 seek to 10%, 20%, …60% to Make a Pop up Book1Choose an interesting topic.[1] The subject of your pop-up book should be kid-friendly if you plan on giving the book to a child.

What the New York Times' Biggest Loser Story Left Out About Weight Loss The Biggest Losers did what it took to be winners. They cut their grapefruits in half and separated their whites from their yolks. They spent more time at the gym than most of us spend at the office. Some of them shed an entire pound of fat each day, and on average, they lost 128 pounds each over the course of the 30-week reality show. And then they gained much of it back. Easy Spiral Paper Flower Heart - Canary Street Crafts Today we’re sharing an easy spiral flower heart craft. We typically don’t decorate for Valentine’s Day, but this was such a fun project to make, and depending on the colors you use, you could leave it up all year long. This project is part of the 2016 Valentine’s Day Blog Hop hosted by Creatively Homespun. At the end of this post, you’ll find 19 more fun Valentine’s Day themed ideas so be sure to stick around and check them out.

Book Joy Net: Cambridge Preliminary English Test 1 to 6 Cambridge Preliminary English Test (PET) is an English certificate at intermediate level, corresponding to the level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR). Candidates at this level are able to use English in: - Daily communication - Reading books and magazines - Writing familiar letter - Taking note PET was developed to improve the independence of learners. It provides all the necessary tools for candidates to prepare for the B1 exam. Download Cambridge Preliminary English Test 1 to 6 from the following links:

Cool Paper Crafts for Kids The Setup: Iron a few coffee filters to make them flat. (An adult's job—iron up to four at a time on the highest setting, no steam.) Set them out on a covered surface with lots of paper towels and a few bowls of liquid watercolor paint. (We used Sargent Art Watercolor Magic, $11; You can also make it from cake watercolors: Remove each one and place in a bowl, then add a few drops of water at a time, mixing as you go, until the paint becomes a thin liquid. Fold the Coffee Filters: Show your child these techniques to start— then encourage her to experiment on her own!

How to Increase Mental Toughness: 4 Secrets From Navy SEALs and Olympians Know what’s really interesting? Learning how Navy SEALs build mental toughness to handle deadly situations. Know what else is really interesting? Learning how Olympic athletes deal with the pressure of competition when the entire world is watching. Know what’s the most interesting of all?

Gift Wrapping Tips Just In Time For Christmas FaithTap Staff With a mountain of presents and a ticking clock, the thought of wrapping everything before dawn breaks may seem like a challenge. But we have ways to accomplish everything with these helpful tips! Baby-Friendly Gift Wrap Paper alligator Why did we do these funny and durable alligators? – because the whole KROKOTAK family is on a long summer trip (we are even on another continent) … with all the things that we had to take with us in the suitcases, the room for the toys was so scarce …. This time, instead of a crocodile, we made an alligator, as it is more typical for America You will need: an A4 sheet of paperglue, scissors, felt-tip pena strip of white paper (for the teeth).