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Lars Andersen: a new level of archery

Lars Andersen: a new level of archery

7 Simple Ways To Use Instagram To Promote Your Products January is typically a slow time of year for many e-tailers, but in this article you’ll discover 7 quick and easy Instagram marketing strategies you can use to help promote your products and improve your sales. 1. Use your bio to make it clear you are a business/brand When a customer discovers an image they like on Instagram, further investigation usually leads straight to the posters bio. As an ecommerce merchant, make sure you use your bio to make it clear you are a brand with a product to sell. The best way to do this is to use your brand logo (not a personal picture), and the name of your ecommerce store including a brief description about what it is you sell. 2. Your bio is the only place on Instagram where it’s possible to post a live link. 3. Pinterest introduced the fancily named “rich pins” to allow brands to offer pricing and availability details directly within their pins – making it clear that the product shown in the image was in fact for sale. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Photos du journal - True Hemp Clothing International Automatic bale stooker - WILLIAMSON; GEORGE This invention relates to new and useful improvements in apparatus for assembling bales of hay, straw or the like, in pyramid-type stooks, of triangular cross-section, having upwardly sloping roof walls terminating in a ridge, planar anterior and posterior surfaces, and a generally flat base. When hay has been cut and field cured, it is subsequently compressed into bales for handling. It is desirable to assemble the individual bales into multiple groupings or "stooks" in order to facilitate subsequent handling, field pick-up and hauling to storage. The pyramidal stook, because of its bale interlocking characteristic, forms a sturdy structure that is not easily disturbed by wind, storm or settling of the hay within the bale. Further if the stooks should be rained upon before more permanent storage can be arranged, it is advantageous to expose the greatest bale surface area to the drying elements. Bale stookers have heretofore been proposed, which fall generally into one of two classes: i.

Album sans titre - Pennsylvania Hempland Security A small piece of True Hemp Clothing... - True Hemp Clothing International