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Kids Games
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Stamping With Blue Moon Creations: Iris Folding-Instructions and Video Tutorial Iris Folding Iris folding is a paper craft technique that involves folding strips of colored paper in such a way to form a spiraling design. The center of the design forms an iris -- similar to the shape of the iris of a camera lens. Iris folding originated in Holland. Iris Folding can be used as the front of a greeting card, as a scrapbook embellishment or on numerous other paper crafting projects. Supplies for iris folding include a pattern, strips of colored paper, permanent adhesive, cutting tools and a temporary tape such as painters tape. Iris folding always begins with a pattern. The main 3 patterns for Iris Folding are the square, the circle and the triangle. Basic Iris Folding Patterns A video tutorial on Iris Folding can also be found at the end of this post. Sweet Sorbet Iris Folded Christmas Tree I found the pattern for this Iris Folded Christmas Tree on Pinterest here: Supplies Used: Stamp Set: Pennant Parade Ink: Basic Black Stampin' Up! 1. 2. 3.

Anglais L'apprentissage d'une deuxième langue est maintenant obligatoire dès l'école primaire. C'est bien souvent l'anglais qui est choisi car c'est une langue internationale et assez simple à apprendre. D'ailleurs, beaucoup de mots anglais sont déjà dans notre langue ! Explorez nos fiches pour apprendre l'anglais et découvrir plein de choses étonnantes et intéressante sur la langue anglaise et l'Angleterre. Tous nos cours sur l'anglais Avec nos articles sur l'Angleterre et la langue anglaise, vous apprendrez plein de choses intéressantes et passionnantes sur la culture anglophone. Jeux et activités en anglais Découvrez tous nos jeux et activités en anglais ou sur thème de l'Angleterre. Comptines et chansons en anglais Découvrez toutes nos comptines et chansons dans la langue de Shakespeare pour apprendre l'anglais en s'amusant ! Anglais : d'autres idées sur le blog ! | Kids Educational Computer Games & Activities Iris Folding for Kids Recently I taught my 6 year old's 1st grade class how to iris fold. First of all, I have to say it was crazy! We had 19 children and 3 adults. It was a pretty good ratio although I would recommend another adult if I did it again. I really simplified the folding for the kids. I numbered all of their paper strips beforehand. I practiced with my 4 year old Kylie before I attempted it at school. I video taped her doing a simplified iris fold but deleted it from my camera after I downloaded it to the computer. The computer I am on won't let me convert my instruction sheet to a PDF file. IRIS FOLD CIRCLE PATTERNInstructions for younger children. Material ListTemplate (3” circle cut from center of 8 ½” x 11” cardstock – save the page with the hole, not the circle)Single Sided Tape (one roll for every 2 students)4 Colors of Cardstock (11” x 1” strips)Holographic or sparkle paper (1” square)Extra materials in case some get lost.Several extra sets of hands (1 adult per 4 or 5 children)

abcteach vous souhaite la bienvenue ! Activities for Children - Golden Time for Primary Schools Évalu@ction A1 Questions de l'activité : Prénoms : What’s your name? Âges : How old are you? Numéros de téléphone : What’s your telephone number? Villes : Where do you live? Lieux de vie : Where do you live? Nationalités : Where do you come from? Sports : What do you like doing? Hobbies : What’s your hobby? Sensations / sentiments : How are you? Pour les réponses, consulter les formulations proposées pour l'activité pioche 1 et les formulations proposées pour l'activité pioche 2. Questions supplémentaires : Famille (frères et soeurs) : Have you got sisters and brothers? Animaux familiers : Have you got a pet? Couleurs préférées : What’s your favourite colour? Nombres préférés : What’s your favourite number? Pour les réponses, consulter les formulations proposées pour l'activité pioche 1.

Iris Folding @ Make an Iris Folded Angel Make an Iris Folded Angel: Click Here To Print the Free Pattern Click Here To View Angel Project Ideas Submitted by Visitors Look at the pattern guide carefully when making this pattern. The numbers skip around a little in the beginning. Also, note that pieces 5, 14, and 15 span across two parts of the pattern. To complete this project you will need: A piece of cardstock that is larger than the pattern4 different papersScissors or craft knife and cutting boardScotch tapeRemovable tape(masking tape or blue painter's tape)