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Games « you found me.

Games « you found me.
I make alternate reality games: games that are designed to improve real lives or solve real problems. I’ve been making ARGs since 2001 — and you can watch trailers for a dozen of my favorite ARGs below. Many of my games challenge players to tackle real-world problems at a planetary-scale: hunger, poverty, climate change, or global peace, for example (see: EVOKE, World Without Oil, Superstruct). Others are simply designed to make players happier in their everyday lives — by dancing more, say, or by being kind to strangers (see: Top Secret Dance Off and Cruel 2 B Kind). The biggest influence on my game design is the science of positive psychology. the full range of positive emotions and engagement,stronger social connections and relationships,more resilience in the face of challenges and obstacles,more ambitious and surprising accomplishmentsand service to something bigger than ourselves? Most of the games I make aren’t like typical videogames that you can play whenever you want. Related:  ni idea qpm

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