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How to survive a global disaster: a handy guide | Technology On 22 June, 2013, Tara O’Toole and Thomas Inglesby of the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies, organised a war game like no other. The two researchers, working with an array of bodies such as the ANSER Institute for Homeland Security, set out to simulate the effects of a biological attack on the US. The project was called Operation Dark Winter. What they discovered was that the country was ill prepared to cope. In short, the world would get medieval on America’s ass. These days we’re spoiled for choice in terms of potential catastrophes. With all this in mind, the Guardian spoke to the academic and author Nafeez Ahmed, who has studied global crises and mass violence, and recently advised Ubisoft on the authenticity of its post-pandemic video game, The Division. 1. “There’s a survivalist response which is ‘I’m going to hide away all by myself’,” says Ahmed. 2. You were probably expecting this, but let’s make it clear anyway. 3. 4. What about the internet? 5. 6.