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Teaching Social Studies

Teaching Social Studies

North Carolina History: A Digital Textbook - LEARN NC Primary sources, multimedia, readings, and lesson plans to tell the many stories of North Carolina's past. Replace your textbook — or enhance your teaching with selections. Get started Sampler An overview with samples of the kinds of readings, primary sources, and multimedia available. Educator’s Guides Best practices, process guides, worksheets, and other resources for teaching with the digital textbook. Explore by era Precolonial (to 1600) Natural history, American Indians before contact, the Lost Colony, and the Columbian Exchange. Colonial (1600–1763) Migration, government, religion, and daily life from the first successful English colonies to the eve of the Revolution. Revolution (1763–1789) The Regulators, the resistance to Great Britain, the War for Independence, and the creation of new governments. Early National (1789–1836) Politics, society, and culture from the 1790s to the 1830s, including education, reform, and the growth of slavery. Antebellum (1836–1860) Civil War (1860–1876)

Alphabet Activities These alphabets are designed to be used in all sorts of craft and educational projects around the... Bright, cheerful, fun and easy to print - that's our collection of printable alphabet posters! We'... Our alphabet tracing pages are a good way to start your child learning the ABCs, upper and lower... A few assorted alphabet printables to experiement with - including letter templates for sandpaper...

Lesson Plans History American Government High School - Frozen Planet: Explore the polar regions Click on the image below to start exploring the Arctic and Antarctic. You can access geographic information provided by Arctic and Antarctic experts, watch videos of the wildlife in each region, and see important historical events as people explore the polar regions. Copyrighted image Credit: The Open University Launch Frozen Planet 9 Special thanks to British Antarctic Survey 10 for their assistance in developing this interactive map. Please note: If you've arrived at this page looking for our Frozen Planet poster, thank you for your interest, but unfortunately, demand for this item was very high and we have now exhausted our current supplies. More about Frozen Planet

U.S. History: Free streaming history videos & activities