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John Sinclair (poet) On 20 January 2009, to mark Barack Obama's inauguration as the 44th President of the United States, Sinclair performed a series of his poems accompanied by a live band, featuring Elliott Levin, Tony Bianco and Jair-Rohm Parker Wells at Cafe OTO in Dalston, East London.[14][15] John Sinclair has recorded several of his poems and essays.

On these albums blues and jazz musicians provide psychedelic soundscapes to accompany his delivery: Les Beats Hotels - William S. Burroughs. Allen Ginsberg. Hipster (1940s subculture) Bing Crosby in 1942 In 1939, the word hepster was used by Cab Calloway in the title of his Hepster's Dictionary, which defines hep cat as "a guy who knows all the answers, understands jive".

Hipster (1940s subculture)

In 1944, pianist Harry Gibson modified this to hipster[2] in his short glossary "For Characters Who Don't Dig Jive Talk," published in 1944 with the album Boogie Woogie In Blue, featuring the self-titled hit "Handsome Harry the Hipster".[3] The entry for hipsters defined them as "characters who like hot jazz. " In his book Jazz: A History (1977), Frank Tirro defines the 1940s hipster: