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Focus on the Family: Helping Families Thrive Every baby deserves a chance to live, love and be loved. Each $60 you give to Option Ultrasound™ will help provide one abortion-vulnerable preborn baby with that chance! Please give a single gift today. Or make a 3-month pledge to help even more women SEE, BELIEVE and CHOOSE LIFE! Family Resource of the Month Mvelopes has helped users pay off over $1 billion worth of debt through their online budgeting system designed to assist families in tracking spending and creating sound financial plans.

Focus on the Family: Helping Families Thrive

Lysa TerKeurst Lysa TerKeurst Last week I wrote about prayers for your marriage. There was such a response, I decided this week to have my friend Brooke McGlothlin write a guest post on 10 prayers for your son. (On Friday I’ll be posting 10 prayers for your daughter.) Here’s my friend, Brooke…
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