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Facebook Twitter, Oracle Education Foundation, Projects. DesignShare Home. Student-centered learning is Individualized, community-based, experiential, and collaborative.

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The FNI Learning Community model supports students in all four of these defined areas, as demonstrated by Norma Rose Point School in Vancouver, British Columbia. This new video from Fielding Nair International shows how successful innovative spaces can be through the voices of the school community. Weblibrary - Freemedia. The Gallery of Teaching and Learning - Home.

Educational Search Tool. NetTrekker Details Featuring high quality, standards-aligned digital resources to address different learning styles and academic needs in all K-12 grade levels and subject areas. Find It! Content Partners Learn more about our content partners and premium options for enrichment, instruction, lesson planning and professional development. Online Interactive ELearning Teaching Resources. Here’s How to Add Personality to Your E-Learning Courses » The R. In a previous post, I shared some free handwritten fonts.

Here’s How to Add Personality to Your E-Learning Courses » The R

Today, we’ll explore how you might use them in your elearning courses. We already looked at how fonts are more than the text you read. As a graphic element, they convey meaning and play a role in the message you communicate.