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Social Media Marketing. Your social media pages are now an instrumental part of your brand image if you want to gain reach and a well-known identity. Not only does this help you create a conversation with your audience but also projects your brand as approachable and human. If your social media pages have just been existing and not interacting, it’s high time to change that. Your brand needs to be ever-present on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, moreover, it’s essential to have really good content.

At The Marcom Avenue, we aim to be your constant social media marketers and to generate unsurmountable results, quality, and quantity wise. We assure an increased ROI in terms of the following: Ultimate Guide to Instagram Updates of 2019 - The Marcom Avenue. Top marketing company delhi on performance marketing. Over the years, businesses have lost huge amounts of money in marketing their product only to receive hardly any ROI. Undoubtedly paying first became rather expensive for businesses. Well, the advent of performance marketing acted as a savior to protect against such situations. With performance marketing, you pay for only the results.

The most effective way for it is by employing Cost-per-Click. This form of marketing then becomes accountable for businesses. Web marketing agency tells about B2B UX design. Being a digital business, it’s very important to have a good website that knows what to focus on and when. A lot of businesses tend to outsource this process so as to focus on their main object.

This process of outsourcing is basically what B2B is, i.e. one business provides products and services to improve another business’ activities. Providing the best to your client in a B2B situation is essential. Here’s how a web marketing agency ensures the best UX on a client’s digital space. Media Marketing by a social media marketing agency. Website development by a website design agency. Technical jargon and complicated coding references – weapons in the arsenal of a website design agency, used to confuse clients and mask their own inefficiency! The only way to counter such disregard for honest communication is to educate yourself. So read on and rest assured, you don’t need more than a basic grasp of technology to understand this article! Two Types Of Websites You may have heard website design agencies throw around terms like static and dynamic.

Let’s break it down. Relation building by a digital marketing agency. Gone are the days when a brand would be in the consumer’s face so as to persuade them to buy its products. From the phrase repeating, verbal SEO kind ads we have essentially moved to something that is relatable and touching. Advertisements now have a message. There now needs to be an evident connect between the brand and the consumer. Probably why there is so much emphasis on gaining a consumer’s trust. App content marketing by an SEO agency in Gurgaon. Content is king. Rightfully so! But how and why has this become such a prevalent philosophy in recent times? Well, the audience today wants quality.

Quality and relevance. Design thinking; website designing company in gurgaon. Designing is an extensive process when it comes to UI/UX.

Design thinking; website designing company in gurgaon

It requires time, effort and research. And the first step to doing all this is the process of design thinking. Design thinking is the process that helps guide website development companies in the right direction through the design process. It sets all the goals, the foundation for research and execution and the division of roles and responsibilities. The Ultimate Guide to UI/UX Process. Google My Business for SEO by SEO agency in Gurgaon. THE TRUE REASON DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCIES MOVED FROM HAMBURGER MENUS TO TAB BARS.

Aerial photography. Drone Shoot. Retail Marketing ( In store promotions) Think of marketing as the pied piper, luring customers to your store.

Retail Marketing ( In store promotions)

But what do you do once they’re in your store? Consider us the marketing moguls of in store promotion ideas, charged with turning your window shoppers into binge buyers, driving those browse-only customers into a shopping frenzy! Types Of In Store Promotions. Exhibitions. Conferences. Pay Per Click Management. Pay per click (PPC) is an exceptionally effective marketing method which helps drive relevant traffic to your site from the word go. With PPC, you can target specific locations or demographics, and get valuable information on exactly how each campaign is performing.

At The Marcom Avenue, we have qualified specialists who understand how to successfully target your market and get the most from your budget. Our PPC Campaign Management Services Include: Automated Bid Management Budget Management Keyword Research Creative Editing Campaign Assessment Meetings Competitive Analysis Detailed Campaign Analysis and Reporting Opportunity Identification We not only offer PPC services but PPC Management Services, as the thin line between the two is our preciseness.

Increase NRS. Brand activation. Brand activation is one form of BTL activity, that effectively targets the right kind of audience for a brand. The main aim of it is to help a brand gain a new more audience-specific image that is sure to gain engagement from both the already existing as well as the new audiences. The aim of brand activation is to jump in front of an audience to create a strong impression that should be maintained with consistency. We ensure this consistency for your brand in the form of visuals, language, structure, purpose, USP & more.

This consistency is what helps a consumer stick around an avail the services of your brand. SMS Marketing. What would make you open an SMS from an unknown number? Let’s face it, SMS marketing services for all their bluster, are only effective if opened! Solving this big ‘IF’ of SMS marketing in India, we leverage our years of experience in marketing to create intriguing SMS blasts, which users simply can’t resist opening! Irrefutable SMS Marketing Strategy Our SMS marketing services are based on creating buyer personas - i.e. how a customer thinks, what would motivate him/her to buy and how we can solve their daily requirements using your product! Get started today and spread your message, literally! Issues Management and Crisis Communication. Issue management is something that is done prior to a potential issue that may arise and crisis management is all about managing a situation once it has gone downhill. When it comes to issue management, our R&D team gets into the nitty-gritty of your business, find where a problem may arise from and pull it out from its roots.

Media relations. News Wires. Celebrity Managment. Your brand needs a face and if that face is that of a celebrity you’ve found yourself the perfect salesperson. People trust celebrities and that leads to credibility for your brand. Being familiar to the target audiences they have the ability to help the brand stay in people’s mind. Once a product/service is etched into the audience’s mind the chances of sales effectively increase. Newpaper/Magazinge Stories. Influencer Marketing. Digital PR. Blogger Outreach. The Marcom Avenue grasps every single opportunity that can enhance the visibility of the clients.

Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach isone such tool that has the following potential of growth. Strengthening brand reputation, thought leadership, strengthening awareness. The Marcom Avenue will target the right bloggers that reaches and influences a focused target audience. Some of our happy clientele base comes from the following industries- Lifestyle, food, technology, automobiles, electronics, beauty and make up, travel, and many more. The Marcom Avenue will strategically create several communication spins around the key messages as per the media requirements.

Blogger Outreach process at The Marcom Avenue- Framework The basic framework that involves deciding the respective bloggers and timeline is first put in flow. Affiliate Marketing. How do you get customers to go beyond buying, and actually start selling for you? You’ve probably come across an affiliate marketing program without even realizing it! Refer a friend, invite friends to earn, share your experience for discounts - sound familiar? These are all prime examples of affiliate marketing, and just some of the many wonderful ways we’ve helped clients create affiliates from close to every age group! Branding. Insight. Conversion Rate Optimization. Properly optimizing your site for conversion can help your company exponentially increase its revenue while it generates high levels of traffic. At The Marcom Avenue, our digital marketing experts and cutting-edge resources help review and analyse your websites performance by providing you with detailed reports.

We help you identify the critical points in your website that can improve its conversion, along with your bottom line. Through tracking and reporting, we understand the manner in which customers interact with your website. Content Marketing. Search Engine Optimization. Digital Marketing Strategy. Work Showcase. Learn about an internet marketing service in gurgaon. Clients. Best Digital Marketing Company In Gurgaon. Book Ahmedabad to Udaipur Taxi @ Rs. 3680. Ahmedabad Udaipur / 260 kms Fare Details.

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