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NetworkMiner - The NSM and Network Forensics Analysis Tool ⛏ NetworkMiner is an open source Network Forensic Analysis Tool (NFAT) for Windows (but also works in Linux / Mac OS X / FreeBSD).

NetworkMiner - The NSM and Network Forensics Analysis Tool ⛏

NetworkMiner can be used as a passive network sniffer/packet capturing tool in order to detect operating systems, sessions, hostnames, open ports etc. without putting any traffic on the network. NetworkMiner can also parse PCAP files for off-line analysis and to regenerate/reassemble transmitted files and certificates from PCAP files. NetworkMiner makes it easy to perform advanced Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) by providing extracted artifacts in an intuitive user interface. The way data is presented not only makes the analysis simpler, it also saves valuable time for the analyst or forensic investigator.

NetworkMiner has, since the first release in 2007, become a popular tool among incident response teams as well as law enforcement. NetworkMiner showing files extracted from sniffed network traffic to disk. BetterCAP stable documentation. Penetration Testing Tools Cheat Sheet. Penetration testing tools cheat sheet, a quick reference high level overview for typical penetration testing engagements.

Penetration Testing Tools Cheat Sheet

Designed as a quick reference cheat sheet providing a high level overview of the typical commands you would run when performing a penetration test. For more in depth information I’d recommend the man file for the tool or a more specific pen testing cheat sheet from the menu on the right. Recon and Enumeration Nmap Commands For more commands, see the Nmap cheat sheet (link in the menu on the right). Basic Nmap Commands: SMB enumeration Also see, nbtscan cheat sheet (right hand menu). Other Host Discovery Other methods of host discovery, that don’t use nmap… SMB Enumeration Enumerate Windows shares / Samba shares. Python Local Web Server Python local web server command, handy for serving up shells and exploits on an attacking machine. FreeDNS - Free DNS - Dynamic DNS - Static DNS subdomain and domain hosting. Security Tools. Top Talent We recruit and hire expert members of the information security community that speak regularly at industry events such as Black Hat and DEF CON and make pivotal contributions to the data security community.

Security Tools

Industry-Leading Research In addition, our expert staff contributes to and develops community-revered tools such as those hosted at our GitHub project page or open-source initiatives such as ModSecurity, the most widely deployed Web Application Firewall (WAF) in the world; the OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set Project and the Web Application Security Consortium (WASC) Web Hacking Incident Database (WHID). Standardized Methodologies Unlike other providers, Trustwave can give you access to a personal information security advisor, serving as your one-on-one contact to help you better design security to keep your business safe and ensure that you have the technologies and tools you need to meet your future business goals. WriteLaTeX. Free DNS, Static DNS, Dynamic DNS, URL Redirection, and more from EveryDNS!

PHP EXE Compiler/Embedder 1.21 - Free php to exe converter! Bambalam PHP EXE Compiler/Embedder Created by Anders Hammar © 2006 Bambalam Bug reports / feedback email: Download Bamcompile 1.21 (win32) zip Download Bamcompile 1.21 Source zip Usage: bamcompile [-options] infile.php [outfile.exe] bamcompile [-options] project_directory mainfile.php [outfile.exe] bamcompile projectfile.bcp Options: -w Hide console window for windowed applications -c Compress output exe (using UPX) -d Do not encode PHP files -e:extension.dll Embed and use PHP extension -i:icon.ico Add icon to exe Revision history: 1.21 2006-08-28: Fixed an issue with apps using extensions crashing if php4ts.dll was in the system path 1.2 2006-08-24:Added an extension loader - extension dll's can now be embedded Added a project file feature Added support for exe icons UPX is now embedded, it's no longer needed in the system path Added some examples of PHP applications Upgraded to PHP 4.4.4 Fixed some compatibility issues when running on a system with PHP installed lots of minor bugfixes.

PHP EXE Compiler/Embedder 1.21 - Free php to exe converter!

Welcome to the Tomato USB web site - TomatoUSB. Password recovery, forensic, forensics, system and security software from ElcomSoft : recover or reset lost or forgotten password, remove protection, unlock system. Twisted Matrix Laboratories: Twisted 10.2.0 Released! Twisted 10.2.0, the third Twisted release of 2010, has emerged from the mysterious depths of Twisted Matrix Labs, as so many releases before it.

Twisted Matrix Laboratories: Twisted 10.2.0 Released!

Survivors of the release process - what few there were of them - have been heard to claim that this version is "awesome", "even more robust", "fun-sized" and "oven fresh". Crossing several things that shouldn't ought to be, including the streams and the rubicon, I have assumed the triple responsibilities of feature author, project leader, and release manager for 10.2: with this dark and terrible power - a power which no man ought to wield alone - I have wrought a release which contains many exciting new features, including: And, of course, nearly one hundred smaller bug fixes, documentation updates, and general improvements. See the NEWS file included in the release for more details. Look upon our Twisted, ye mighty, and make your network applications event-driven: get it now, from: < ... or simply install the 'Twisted' package from PyPI.