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Photobucket. Anachronisle Vault Matrix. Djaf. FSL Professor Numinatus! High Rock Is Cool. What is Truth? - Not a member of Pastebin yet?

What is Truth? -

Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features! We’ve had an extensive conversation on the meaning of ‘love’ in the Lessons/Loveletter/C0DA (notably these threads, started by RottenDeadite, SeriousFace, andMuertos1130), but there’s been less discussion of the meaning of ‘truth’ in that same context. And the more I look at it, the more I think that understanding Vivec’s usage of ‘truth’ is central to understanding the philosophy behind the Lessons. Because truth, to Vivec, is a hammer. We’ve had an extensive conversation on the meaning of ‘love’ in the Lessons/Loveletter/C0DA (notably these threads, started by RottenDeadite, SeriousFace, andMuertos1130), but there’s been less discussion of the meaning of ‘truth’ in that same context.

Sundais Ut-Ulmscyrod: Happy Mother's Day, Alessia. Excerpt from the Heretical Evangle of Teo: In those days of lotus and citrus, years after the storm that swept White-Gold and the Celestial Mandate into the hands of Men, all the diadochi of the Heartlands were recalled to Weye-on-Rumar to take special council around the chaise of the High-Highness.

Sundais Ut-Ulmscyrod: Happy Mother's Day, Alessia

Ostensibly, the cenacle was convened for the maintenance of our young Imperium, as ever, proceeding in byzantine intrications of well-spoken, stone-dense court volleys of policy and rhetoric, lobbed, quite under-the-hand, between well-silked nests of asps and vultures. But is was an open secret among the patricians that Her health, the breath especially, had not been the finest for some time - and after a quite terrible fall the previous summer (tripped by a wild caprice of her beloved whistlepig, Polchra), thick-bodied eunuchs were posted at Her side at all times, plus 2-score handmaids and a full complement of Legion healers kept on retainer just down the hall. Admonition on sanctioned murder and Merethic hubris : teslore. High Rock - What is it like? Mnemoli, the Emphemeral BrideIn secret Mnemoli whispered the blue words of promise and the red words of love for the time-god, but his eyes were turned always to Nirn and he would have no other bride.

High Rock - What is it like?

The words went off on the breeze of possibility, and a stray thought, distilled the promise of love and froze it into the heavens. Such is the origin of the great nebula, the Veil of Nirn. But the light of Magnus knows no secrets. He saw into Mnemoli’s heart and became angry at her wasteful ignorance. Literature - Dark Creations. Dissertation in Emergent Semionauts in Financial Accounting. A Dissertation in Emergent Semionauts in Financial Accounting Lennald Verris The Bretonic philosophy and practice of magic is not entirely alike to other hegemonies of magic practiced in the empire.

Dissertation in Emergent Semionauts in Financial Accounting

There is a thread of Superempericist Mannism that is shared with the Empire of Cyrod, that is, a moral that rational thought may overcome the mental mortal stress that encumbers when perceiving the cosmos of Oblivion with our own senses. Additionally we, as well studied bureaumancers in represention of our Queens and Kings, appreciate the Merish tradition that lends to centuries of meditation on words, their power and their execution. While my peoples are not known for the Exomundustentialist leaps and bounds that both Man and Mer have achieved, I feel that it is our attention to detail and the accountancy of said details that Magnus himself appreciates personally.

Of course, this emergent calamity upset many of our ruling class, hence new measures aught to be recognized. Project Tamriel - De Sphaera Nirni. De Sphaera Nirni on the Shape and Workings of the Mundiversal Machine, the Great and Constant Work endeavored by the Divines for our Education and Tribulation by Deniel Juris The celestial sphere can be divided thusways, by substance and by accident.

Project Tamriel - De Sphaera Nirni

Writing - Dinmynal. Illustrated Children's Stories Wy Naught The early life of Wylandriah, Riften's court witch.

Writing - Dinmynal

Surrealist exploration of Daedric realms and thematic elaborations on their spheres. NUL. EXT.


Vvardelfell(?) - Night It is the time of Merhunes Dagons’ invasion of Tamriel. A bloodily scoured camp lay in the middle of desolate wasteland. The sky is touched with purple. You moan and whine like the thrice damned Kynaz of Coldharbour. (brimming with anger) If these dust crawlers would put up a decent fight, perhaps we’d be more content! A Pocket Guide to Daggerfall. Throne of the Westerly Stewards: the Towers of Daggerfall Seat of the steward-kings of the West, greatest of the Breton courts, and unwavering ally to the glorious Septim Empire in all its endeavours, the city of Daggerfall is the ordained throne from which the lay and destiny of Greater Betony are fixed - and such has been the way of things for longest eras, now.

A Pocket Guide to Daggerfall

Perched upon the north and south banks of the River Dirne, its urban sprawl of temples, bone-shrines, guildhalls, streets, canals and merchants' warehouses is broken only by the labyrinthine passage-walls and towers of the royal castle; a hundred thousand souls framed and given purpose by power and ambition set, literally, in stone, all striving constantly to rise towards the heart and centrepiece of everything here surveyed - the Tower of Raven.

The Elder Scrolls Lore Wiki. Altbal, bruise-roof’d Hangar of the Firmament Edit The Steadfastness of Northern-Western Altbal, typically shortened to Altbal or otherwise known as the High Rock, is an impressive network of policies, pyramid-schemata and impromptu arcologies that collectively hold grim vigil over the gloamings of Reach, Ritual and Refuge.

The Elder Scrolls Lore Wiki

The inhabitants of Altbal, organised in sparse communities across numerous planes and balconies, are as physically and culturally diverse a people as one could hope to find anywhere in the countable heavens. Outside High Rock territory (and thus outside of High Rock's consideration) these folk are known as Albalics or Albaliche; they frequently refer to themselves with titles or invented stations, such as "dukes" or "marchionesses". Saarith-el and Auld Diren myth. Book TR Misc The Origin of Atronachs - Miscellaneous - Dark Creations. High Rock - Dark Creations. Star-Walking By The Old Ye Bard - Literature - Dark Creations. The Blunt Vegetable Knife by JaKha-Jay - Literature - Dark Creations.

Silgrad Tower: Oblivion. Fables of the Drogrhazx What the Mane Stole By The Old Ye Bard - Literature - Dark Creations. Literature - Page 2 - Dark Creations. Dwemer Alloy is made of... - Page 2. Pshaw, the Betrayed were worthy only of being put to work mining soul gems and Aetherium and having their souls harvested to be put to use in the soul matrices of animunculi.

Dwemer Alloy is made of... - Page 2

Ahem. Protocollum Ecs Concillium Chorrolinium - Page 6. Anyone else get the call? YES. YES. YES. YES. YES. Stop it, I'm getting ghost skip on my end. Hnnh, totally not what I meant. Evocatio sancrea aad concilium chorrollinium. Oh to heck with it... Oyez Oyez Oyez, Beloved Brothers and Sisters in the Nine, if you will all cease your private conversations take your seats we may begin. Ahem, for those of you whom I have not had the opportunity to meet personally, I am Belharzslav Olodiil, Primate of the Heroon of Reman Autochthonicus , Chaplain-General of Red Legion, Elder-Councilor, and former Archimandrite-Palatine to our late, most beloved Imperator Et Tourifex Maximus, Uriel VII, soon we shall cut our wine together in Aetherius, Dear Brother. …But I now have the great pleasure of serving as Arbiter of this, The Second Ecumundrial Council of Chorrol. This most distinguished Gentlemer to my right is Shurz Gro-Gortwog, Crown Prince of Orsinium, Imperial Legate of Red Legion, Knight-Brother of The Order of the Lily, Blade-Seneschal, and a dear friend.

At my request, he has graciously agreed to serve as our Deacon-Bumbailiff . Excerpt from 'On the Camorans' by Amiel Arbutus. Excerpt from the minutes of the Spring Conclave, Imperial Geographical Society, 3E 277: Urias Velti: It is no coincidence that these interscholastic tensions regarding the nature of Wood Elf society should arise as we near the auspicious tenth anniversary of the defeat of the Camoran Usurper. The war's many veterans, silent for many years about the horrors they had witnessed in the wildernesses and wastelands left behind by the Usurper's advance, have begun to come forward as time begins to heal their mental scars. The Empire's populace has begun to engage more fully with Valenwood again, in terms of trade and travel. Atnordic Dirge-Rites. Vidkar Scorch-AnvilWhose chosen totems are Stag and Spider, whose war-name is KRILOTAGKEYNYou are buriedAs commanded by the All which made What IS.You are buriedThat you evade the Devils Above and confound the Devils Below.You are buriedThat the World and her God cherish you.You are buriedThat you slip swiftly to the Underworld.You are buriedThat you seek and find the heart of the All, to love it as it loves you.

You are buriedThat you are forever hidden from the Adversary.You are buriedThat you match strides with the secret host, who will oppose the Adversary from within.We now give the sign of WolfThat her get by Man be your constant companions, guardians in your descent. We now give the sign of FoxThat your ways are known, that your paths are clear. We now give the sign of BearThat you know his strength, that you know not his slumber. We now give the sign of HawkThat your strikes be fierce in triumph, your talons matched by hers alone. Anuic Procession aka Unified Trans-Phenomenal magic theory. (It's 2 AM and I'm drunk. I apologize on behalf of my sober self.) "Well? How visible am I? " Xixzith had found it humming softly, floating a few inches off his bedroom floor. At first he thought he had stumbled upon the remnants of some necromantic ritual gone wrong; it wasn't until the thing spoke that Xixzith realized what he was looking at.

"I can see your insides... at least that's what I think I'm seeing. " "Drat! "I'm quite sure. Dominion Tendrilite 6th Shell Congress, De Rerum: Descent of Nu-Mannoid. The Great Thalmor concludes perfectly. [Book Series] Testimonium Numidium - Valenwood - Dark Creations. Testimonium Kaponatum. The Codex Raticulum. View Forum - Literature. Writing - Dinmynal. Archive of Lore - Pastebin. Ogmismol (UESP) The Sultha Book of Spirits : teslore. This Many Goblins Left the Cave. So this one time there was these goblins in a cave. These goblins...How many goblins was there? It don't matter. Anyways, there was these goblins, okay, and so then this one goblin says...What goblin was it? It don't matter. This one goblin says "Why we don't go out the cave a second?

" Top Ten Mages.