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Banking on Shaky Ground. What responsibilities do Australian banks have when making investment decisions overseas? How can big business operations leave local communities in developing countries homeless and hungry? And how can Australian consumers and young people influence their decisions? Oxfam Australia’s Banking on Shaky Ground education resource is a new, free, resource for Australian high school students at Years 9 and 10, studying humanities, business, economics, commerce and civics and citizenship. Available for download online below, the resource includes: An eBooklet with introductory reading and case studiesTen suggested activities for students, which teachers can either use as an inquiry sequence or pick and choose the individual activities that support their teachingComputer and tablet-friendly Student Activity worksheetsCurriculum mapping to key knowledge and skills for various state-based subjects and the Australian Curriculum: Economics and Business.

Summer School 2016. Banking on Values in a Digital World Save the date! 26 June - 1 July 2016 Tallinn, Estonia If you want to register please get in touch with us: Old town Tallinn The 9th Summer School will be held in Tallinn, Estonia, jointly with our member the Hea Koostöö Savings and Loans Association (Good Cooperation SLA) from June 26 to July 1 2016. At the Summer School you will have the unique opportunity to meet together – in a lab-atmosphere – with representatives of both, the values based banking and finance sector and the digital FinTec sector. Values based banking, based on strong non-monetary values and relationships has grown significantly recently. Multichannel, social, digital, Big Data, anytime and anywhere, ultra-fast response times, omnipresent advisors, transparent, crowd, network, community-engagement, peer-to-peer – is that future financing?

The focus here will be on values based banks. O values and philosophies o approaches and working methods o products and services o transparency? MyBnk - Delivering expert-led financial education & enterprise programmes to young people. El Minotauro global. Los intelectuales y los economistas griegos no discuten solo si su país va a ser a la vez la cuna y la tumba de la democracia por mor de la profundidad de la crisis, que también. Lo demostró el excelente novelista Petros Márkaris, cuando hace unos meses publicó su ensayo La espada de Damocles (Tusquets), un largo viaje a través de la noche griega que hundía sus raíces en el corazón de Europa: “Se podría explicar así por qué la rabia de los alemanes hacia Grecia tiene algo de clásico.

Quieren que bebamos cicuta, como Sófocles, porque hemos desafiado las leyes (...). Quien piense que la crisis de Europa es solo financiera, se equivoca. También estamos viviendo una crisis de los valores europeos”. Ahora aparece en castellano un libro singular de un economista griego, Yanis Varoufakis, titulado El Minotauro global (Capitán Swing Editorial).

El desarrollo técnico y geopolítico de ese mecanismo (¿quién puede ser el agente de este nacimiento? Talking to my daughter about the economy – Preface to the German edition. Last summer (an aeon it seems before my recent sojourn into politics&government) I spent ten days writing a short book in Greek on economics. The idea was to write it as if it were addressed to my young daughter, so as to keep complex ideas simple and to test my capacity to home in on what matters while discarding unnecessary complication. Now, a German edition of that book is about to be published and I was asked to author a preface for my German readers. Here is the result: One of the enduring memories from my early childhood is the crackling sound of Deutsche Welle radio transmissions. Those were the bleak years of our dictatorship (1967-1974) when Deutsche Welle was the Greeks’ most precious ally against the crushing power of state propaganda.

As I am writing this preface to the German edition of a book aimed at another child, my daughter, I feel the urgent need to recount that memory. But enough of this now! Did I truly write this book for my daughter’s sake? Acknowledgements. Center for Ethics in Financial Education - Teaching Young Americans How to Manage Their Money. Pfeg. Courses | UKSIF. Below is a list of training opportunities that may be of interest to those pursuing a career in sustainable finance.

For more information on the sustainable investment and finance industry, see our Events listings and FAQs. For details of companies with involvement in sustainable investment and finance, see our directory. Leonardo Project Sustainable Investment Training Course for Financial Advisers – IN DEVELOPMENT UKSIF, along with eight other European organisations including France’s Novethic and FNG – the German, Austrian and Swiss Sustainable Investment Forum, is currently working on a European Commission funded project to deliver a SRI training course for financial advisers.

The ‘Leonardo Project’ Sustainable Investment Training Course is currently in development. For more information about the course please click here. Birkbeck College, University of London Birkbeck College offers MSc’s in ‘Business Strategy and the Environment’ and ‘Corporate Governance and Ethics’. Lead Europe. Students | Good Money Week. Money can be a powerful agent for change. You may not necessarily think of yourself as an investor but if you have a bank account or use any other financial product you can engage with how your money is being used. Download and share The Life of a Fiver for a thought-provoking look at how your money can be used. Simple ways to get involved in Good Money Week 1. Hold a meeting or event at your campus UKSIF would be happy to help with recommendations for speakers or email us and we will add your request to our 'Offers of Support' page 2.

Display a banner or logo on relevant websites Print and display a poster or The Life of a Fiver at your Student Union or somewhere on campus Use social media such as twitter or facebook to highlight your support for the Week Further reading and information Your Ethical Money - Student Finance: YourEthicalMoney provides “objective, independent information on green and ethical finance” for students through a variety of guides and other resources.