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The leading way to caption and translate videos online. Dirpy descarga vídeo y audio. The Best YouTube Tools and Tips for Teachers. YouTube has been one of our topical themes here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning during this year.

The Best YouTube Tools and Tips for Teachers

We have done a lot of reviewing of third party tools that work on YouTube and enhance the users video watching experience. We have also unearthed several other educational ways to use this video platform with your students as well as for professional development. Any time you want to check and stay updated about the upcoming releases and tips on the use of YouTube in education, make sure you bookmark YouTube for Teachers section. Today we are providing you with the best posts we have published about YouTube .

World's premier Online Video Editor. Ultimate Mashup for Youtube Videos, Links, Images and more! Welcome to Skype in the classroom. Gallery - Stupeflix Studio. 18 Free Screencasting tools to Create Video Tutorials. Great tips on working with YouTube URLs (incl. embeddng only part of a video) Youtube – You know that site with videos and all.

Great tips on working with YouTube URLs (incl. embeddng only part of a video)

Yeah! It turns out that its quite popular and you happen to visit and use it quite often. Instead of just searching and playing here are some top Youtube URL tricks that you should know about: Making Stopmotion Movies. EasyPrompter - The free, web-based, plugin-free, browser independent, online and offline teleprompter and auto-cue software.

Pecha Kucha and Education. Broadcast Yourself. Welcome to YouTube! The location filter shows you popular videos from the selected country or region on lists like Most Viewed and in search results.To change your location filter, please use the links in the footer at the bottom of the page. Click "OK" to accept this setting, or click "Cancel" to set your location filter to "Worldwide". The location filter shows you popular videos from the selected country or region on lists like Most Viewed and in search results. Video Mail. Watch Free Online Documentaries. The best film titles ever made. From Stephen Frankfurt's beautiful title sequence for To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) In our August issue, Adam Lee Davies looks at the continuing rise of the film title sequence since its artistic resurgence in the 1990s.

The best film titles ever made

In his article, Better Than the Film? , he talks to many of the genre's leading practioners such as Kyle Cooper and Garson Yu. For CR Blog, Davies has selected 30 of the best title sequences ever made... TEDTalks as of 06.16.11. SublimeVideo ya se encuentra disponible en todo el mundo. Free software: video converter, ipod converter, mp4 converter. By Cimo Ben Thank you much for your hard work and for providing high quality programs for free.

Free software: video converter, ipod converter, mp4 converter

I myself a programer (obsessed by perfection) and you guys ROCK at all levels ! Keep it up. by Xing G This is the best software I have ever used! Stupeflix - Video production made easy. Glogster and Schooltube partner up. Post Nice move for both of them.

Glogster and Schooltube partner up

Key paragraph from the press release: The partnership allows the students and teachers using Glogster EDU ” now more than 450,000 around the world ” to share their Glogs using the popular SchoolTube sharing site, and also allows them to easily import multimedia elements found on the SchoolTube site into their Glogs. Visualizacion. VYou. Animoto Now Lets You Remix Video Clips; It's Simply Awesome. We are huge fans of Animoto, the very straightforward mash-up tool that lets you take images, put them to music, and turn them into incredible video slideshows that simply draw the eye.

Animoto Now Lets You Remix Video Clips; It's Simply Awesome

Now the image remixing platform is opening its doors to a new kind of media that takes Animoto videos to the next level: video clips. That's right: your Animoto videos can now include short video clips that expand the Animoto experience in a completely new direction. 10 Youtube URL Tricks You Should Know About. Pop Corn téléphone portable micro-ondes - une vidéo Noticias y Política. Visualizacion. Mythbusters: Moon Hoax. Remixito - the world's funniest parody movies, clips and images generator website. Dfilm - is now Dvolver. Make your own movie with the MovieMaker. By Stop motion. A clay model of a chicken, designed to be used in a stop motion animation.

Stop motion

Stop motion (also known as stop frame) is an animation technique to make a physically manipulated object appear to move on its own. The object is moved in small increments between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames is played as a continuous sequence. Dolls with movable joints or clay figures are often used in stop motion for their ease of repositioning. Stop motion animation using plasticine is called clay animation or "clay-mation". Not all stop motion requires figures or models; many stop motion films can involve using humans, household appliances and other things for comedic effect. Welcome to S Learning Technology Blog. 100 Incredibly Useful YouTube Channels for Teachers. YouTube has earned a reputation for featuring brain cell-slaughtering fare such as the truly abysmal Fred and playing host to the some of the most depressingly stupid comments this side of Yahoo!

100 Incredibly Useful YouTube Channels for Teachers

News. But for every participant liberally dishing out misspelled racist, sexist and homophobic talking points, there is at least one whose channel genuinely offers something provocative and educational. 47 Alternatives to Using YouTube in the Classroom. .

47 Alternatives to Using YouTube in the Classroom

However, many teachers cannot access YouTube in their classrooms. That is why I originally wrote what became one of the most popular posts to ever appear on . 20 sitios para ver vídeos educativos gratis. How to Make an Interactive Lesson Using Youtube « Knewton Blog.

Awesome Stories. Videos educativos. Atrévete a conocer - Vídeos Educativos. Fix8 - Bring the Virtual World to Reality. Top Documentary Films - Watch Free Documentaries Online. Home - Creaza. 'No me molestes, mamá. Estoy aprendiendo' Music Videos, Politics, and Funny Videos at Vodpod. Your Free Online Video Editor. Massive selection of downloadable video lectures from Gresham College. Video_ActivityManager.