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Illuminessensce & dressing your truth (dyt)

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Carol Tuttle based DYT on Illuminessensce. Recently, my aunt brought to my attention a new movement in the way of color analysis and beauty profiling that I had never heard of.

Carol Tuttle based DYT on Illuminessensce

It came at a time when I was in the middle of trying to have some kind of personal breakthrough regarding my own personality and preferences. I'm one of those annoying people whose hair color and style changes monthly. I just want to look in the mirror and see someone I recognize. Of course, I realize the irony of trying to see someone I recognize when I never look the same way twice. I think, I'm trying to recreate on the outside some form on the inside that I haven't quite yet determined the shape and size of. Illuminessensce Tone I II III IV Taylore B Sinclaire.

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