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Monocle - Books in the browser. Readium/readium-js-viewer. GitHub - readium/readium-js: Slimmed down version of the repo. OPL's EPUB library download. Html5 - EPUB reader/viewer in PHP. Epub. 7.x-1.x The new epub module for Drupal 7 provides displays for file entity and file fields and enables users to read epub/ibooks files inside their browsers like pdf module.


Use this module with apachesolr_file (recommend with file_entity 7.x-2.x), you can build your owned online library. How to install epub.js How to display ebook online Go to YOUR_DRUPAL/admin/structure/file-types, you will see a new file type "eBook" and click "manage file display"Now you will be at YOUR_DRUPAL/admin/structure/file-types/manage/ebook/file-display and able to see 3 new display options: "ePub default" display uses iframe to wrap xhtml files extracted from epub package"ePub cover image" display shows the cover image inside epub file (A cover image is not required according to the ePub standard)"Epub.js reader" display uses Epub.js to display ebookSelect one and save.

Showcase. GitHub - futurepress/epub.js: Enhanced eBooks in the browser. 28+ Best social network scripts (Create your own social networking site) Hey guys how are you?

28+ Best social network scripts (Create your own social networking site)

Hope you are doing well! Have you ever think of being famous and rich like Mark Zuckerberg Today’s hot post is about “Php Social Network Script” by which you can easily create your own social networking site within few minutes without any coding skill. Codecanyon. Discovering great books has never been this fun, with the BookStore script you can have an instant and fully automated books affiliate website filled with the latest and best selling books, ebooks and audiobooks.


Tons of Books With use of the iTunes api the BookStore script makes it possible to have a fast, lightweight and huge book store website that is always up to date with the latest and most popular books. The BookStore script has a modern and responsive design, the homepage features a scrolling carousel showing the top selling books that you can even select a specific genre for if you want and also a featured books section, you can select which books you want to have featured in the site settings, the homepage is also being cached for faster loading. The users can browse the BookStore in four categories; top books, top free books (ebooks), top textbooks and top audiobooks, you can also filter the results by genre or use the search function to find any book or audiobook. Make Money. Codecanyon. Android Ebook App is a mobile Ebook system which run under Android platform that used for your own ebook or story application.


Using Admin Panel backend with powerful and responsive can manage unlimited books category and story, etc. This application created by Android for client side and then PHP MySQL for Admin side. Run under Android platform which is the most popular operating system in the world. Using this application you can save your money and time in creating application for your own Ebook application. Real3D FlipBook jQuery Plugin Preview - CodeCanyon.

Codecanyon. Codecanyon. Codecanyon. Wowbook jQuery plugin creates Flipbooks using html, images or pdf files.


Best seller jQuery Flipbook plugin on Envato Market PDF Support: Using the library PDF.js, Wowbook can render PDF files with support for internal links, external html links, index and selectable text. Responsive: Codecanyon. Real3D Flipbook uses WebGL to create super realistic 3D books, magazines, and brochures that will blow your readers away!


Easy to use Installation is super easy. Once you have downloaded the Plugin simply edit one of many ready to use templates. Create Flipbook directly from PDF Just enter the pdf url and your 3D book is ready. Codecanyon. WordPress version: Bookshelf for flipbooks: See my other Books: Features: FlipBook is based on the library turn.js 3rd release.


Smart SMS & Email Manager (SSEM) by xeroneitbd. You can manage your contacts, create SMS/Email template, send SMS/Email, schedule SMS/Email, wish your contacts’ birthday etc using Smart SMS & Email Manager (SSEM) in a smarter way.

Smart SMS & Email Manager (SSEM) by xeroneitbd

SSEM has built-in support for world’s most popular SMS & Email gateways like Plivo, Twilio, Clickatell, Nexmo, Mandrill, Sendgrid, Mailgun etc. It’s a multi-user SaaS application and designed in a way so that each user can have independent environment. Users will have their own SMS/Email gateways and will manage their own SMS/Email as well as bills . Use awesome services in your own language. SSEM now has built-in support for 11 languages and you can add new language easily. Homepage. Codecanyon. Library Management System is carefully developed for easy management of any type of library.


It’s actually a virtual version of a real library. It? S a web based system where you can manage books of different categories, manage members of different types and manage issue/return of books easily. Issuing a book to a member is just a matter of a click. There are configurations for day limit to keep a book and also managing fine system. Codecanyon. Read247 - social network of document, is an mobile stories reader for Android smartphone with great design.


Viewers can read, follow and share with their friends on Facebook many interesting documents and stories, which can be managed by an easy-to-use PHP admin panel. Using this application will save your money and time in creating a data sharing application. iOS version click here Version 1.2. Upwork - Hire Freelancers & Get Freelance Jobs Online.   Analytics for Web (analytics.js)   This guide explains how to implement event tracking with analytics.js. Overview Events are user interactions with content that can be tracked independently from a web page or a screen load. Downloads, mobile ad clicks, gadgets, Flash elements, AJAX embedded elements, and video plays are all examples of actions you might want to track as Events.

Detailed Google Analytics Freelancers. Html5 Google Analytics Freelancers. How to add Google Analytics tracking code to a HTML5 flipbook? PubReader™ PubReader™ GitHub - ncbi/PubReader: A new way to view journal articles. HTML5 converter. HTML5 converter. GitHub - readium/readium-js-viewer: ReadiumJS viewer: default web app for Readium.js library. Digital Publishing meets Open Web. Untitled. What questions do your reader analytics need to answer? In my book publisher days I recall saying the following to our Amazon rep: “You guys are capturing a ton of reading data from our customers. When are you going to start charging us to access that information?” She looked at me like I just arrived from another planet and declined to answer the question.

A few years have passed since that encounter but some things never change. Untitled. I recently asked what questions you’d like to see answered via reader analytics. I gathered feedback from a variety of publishers including trade, professional and educational. The standard requests about reading sequence, how long it takes to finish a chapter, what devices are used, etc., were raised, of course. But there were a number of other suggestions I hadn’t anticipated, and reader data could definitely help answer these questions for authors, editors and publishers. Jellybooks - Ebook Analytics for Publishers - Pages. Welcome to Reader Analytics by Jellybooks! Reader Analytics by Jellybooks allows book publishers to collect data on how their customers read books across third party reading apps and devices. This ebooks analytics tools for book reading uses many of the same technical principles used in Google Analytics for web pages.

The purpose of the tool is to help publishers understand how their customers read books. Hence the publishing trade press has nicknamed the tool a “Google Analytics for Ebooks” (Disclaimer: this Jellybooks service is in no way connected to or endorsed by Google Inc.) Codecanyon. PhpDolphin is a Social Network Platform similar with Facebook, allowing users to interact with each other by live chatting, sending messages, comments, like, share photos, life events and so much more.

User Demo: User Demo (open registration, the emailing feature is disabled)Admin Demo: Admin Panel Features Script/Admin Features: Plugins Themes. WoWonder - The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform by DoughouzForest. BookStore - Books, eBooks and Audiobooks Affiliate Script by ArmorThemes. Codecanyon. Codecanyon. Codecanyon. Ebook Reader Plugins, Code & Scripts from CodeCanyon. Codecanyon. Codecanyon. Features - Socibd.