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Recommended Promo Sites @ Nicholas Erik. This is a curated list of promotional sites that I personally use to sell books (in essentially every genre besides cozies, romance, YA/MG/children’s books & non-fiction), last updated on January 30, 2016.

Recommended Promo Sites @ Nicholas Erik

Note: Many sites offer “book of the day” or special packages. Stick with the standard vanilla offerings; they’re cheaper and provide similar results, minus the money pit price-tag and often substantial booking lead time. There are exceptions, but it’s such a pain in the ass to keep hundreds of options straight that I just stick with the rule of thumb. Unless otherwise noted, these sites can be used for free and paid books. Top 5: Always, if Available. Recommended Promo Sites @ Nicholas Erik. Daily Kindle Unlimited Picks - iLoveEbooks is Your Home For Kindle Ebooks.

Promoting Your Romance/Erotica Book on Social Media: A Newbies Guide. By Graham Dickson You did it, your book is finished!

Promoting Your Romance/Erotica Book on Social Media: A Newbies Guide

It’s a moment worthy of celebration. But if you have dreams of finally setting your laptop aside for awhile, it’s time to think again: In today’s book world, the reality is that you’ll be busier than ever, looking for online ways to market your book. This is the next step for the savvy self-publisher. A Mini Guide to Launch Promo Services - Sites You Can Use for New Releases.

Inspired by this thread, I decided to assemble a brief guide to promo services that meet the following criteria: A) they can be used to launch your new bookB) they do not require previous reviewsC) they aren't ridiculously priced for the results they provide This is not an absolutely complete list (assembling one would probably be impossible), but it does hopefully include all the major options.

A Mini Guide to Launch Promo Services - Sites You Can Use for New Releases

As a brief aside, if you're launching to nudge Amazon's algorithms, you want to stagger promos out. Best Ebook Promotion Sites. Booktastik is one of the newer advertising sites, and it specializes in cheap book promotions, including Kindle, Nook, B&N, etc.

Best Ebook Promotion Sites

If your book is either free, or discounted, then chances are they’ll advertise it for you. Their prices are very good too: between $5 and $10 depending on the genre that your book is in. Speaking of genres, they have about 20 or so to choose from, ranging from Horror, to Science Fiction, to Poetry. They are also one of the book promotion sites that advertise erotica. They also advertise new releases (which don’t have to be discounted) and author giveaways, so if an author is running some kind of giveaway, have about 7000 people signed up for that too. ADVERTISING. Mainstream Romance Teen Paranormal Erotica Sci-Fi Suspense Night Owl Reviews.


Romance Devoured Email Sponsorship Purchase Page. Submit A Book Listing. Author Ad Network Sites. We have a strong network of sites that will promote your book as part of your Author Ad Network advertising package.

Author Ad Network Sites

For All – Books, interviews, podcasts, guest posts, author services, reviews, free books, bargain books, for all genres! – Great books, reviews and hideaways for – Interviews from the writers themselves. Learn about new authors or established ones to find new – Books and author interviews of all – Book posts from all – Hot books from all genres.Book Reader – All genres, all book covers pinned for you to find your next new

Here you will find good books to read, free kindle books and quality ebooks. Thank you for advertising with Book Sends! Fiverr. Fiverr. List of Book Promotion Sites & Free Submission Tool. Dirty Book Deals - Find Great Deals on Erotic Kindle Ebooks. AHA Program. 99-Cent eBook Promotion. Buck Books Promotions - Buck Books. Please fill out the form below, and we will respond IF we think your book is a good fit for our subscribers.

Buck Books Promotions - Buck Books

There is no cost for promotion if your book is selected. We’re more than happy to help out any author who has written a quality book that’s greater than 10,000 words in length, who has also invested the proper time and money to have it professionally edited and the cover professionally designed. Get Listed. Books Butterfly Book Slot Reservations Page. Please Note: For Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, YA, and Kids' Books, only Bronze Slots are available.

Books Butterfly Book Slot Reservations Page

Please Note: For Adult Novels, Erotic Novels, Short Stories (any Genre), Novellas we only have Bronze Slots. The Frugal eReader — Frugal Finds Under Nine for the Kindle. WTRAFSOG. I am currently offering three forms of promotion on the WTRAFSOG page.


NO FREE books to advertise / email blast though ... with Amazon's affiliate restrictions ... they threaten to take away all affiliate income if you go past a certain % of free versus paid downloads. Books Butterfly Book Slot Reservations Page. iAuthor - Your global advertising platform. Membership Levels. Advertise ebooks. Please Note: eBook Discovery no longer promotes erotica.

Advertise ebooks

Connect with eBook Discovery’s growing fan-base with free and affordable eBook promotion options. FREE Promotion Options (that you can take advantage of, right now) Facebook Share: (boost package available, below) Facebook ShareFree Promotion Share one of our ebook-related facebook posts and we will share one of yours with our 2000+ fans. Good Kindle Books, good eBooks, free Kindle Books: WHY SHOULD I SUBMIT MY BOOK HERE? The city for readers, the home for writers! KINDLE SAMURAI - HOW DOES IT WORK?  - Indie Book Promo. The Midlist. Please Note: These advertisements are different than normal book features in the newsletter, which you may submit for here. The Midlist offers full-service, catered advertising options in the daily newsletter for both discounted and full price books. This service includes: A text ad at the top of the newsletter as well as an image ad at the bottom. Custom ad artwork that the publisher/author can keep to use in the future.

Writing of all ad copy. Retweet Power (PowerRetweet) For Writers & Publishers. To see our books on mobile & get the App click here. I’ve spent years working out how to market books. I’ve had a #1 selling novel on Amazon and I’ve had novels translated into 10 languages. What makes me read a novel is the writing. Book Promotions International. 99-Cent eBook Promotion - Steamy Romance Books. Reading Deals - Bargain eBooks, eBook Deals, Free eBooks. Advertising Information. Thank you for your interest in advertising with the Kindle Books and Tips blog! The majority of posts to the Kindle Books and Tips blog provides a mixture of free Kindle book offers to both the Amazon Kindle store and to sites other than Amazon, featuring discounted or “exclusive” deals to the blog readers, as well as Kindle tips in an effort to keep the blog’s participation at a high level.

My informal results and feedback from the blog’s readers tell me they enjoy the mix, and the clickthrough rates and purchases of Kindle books for sale by independent authors have been doing better than my expectations. Where to Pimp Your .99 Promotions. I recently wrote an article called .99 is the New Free, and as a follow up, I've decided to create a list where you can advertise and promote your .99 sale days. Some are free, some are expensive. You'll notice, I haven't included Facebook sites on the list. This is due to the fact that all it takes is one jealous person on Facebook to mark your post as spam, whether it is or it isn't, and voila, you get slapped with a Facebook posting ban.

It's happened to me before on sites I had full permission to post on. I am a big fan of paid Facebook promotions, however, and we'll get to that later. Book Promo Sites. Best Romance Novels – Discount Romance Books. New Release Saturday. I am now reserving spots for this category of posts through the end of June. Please note this section is for a new release only. Promote your book at New Releases and Coming Attractions. Sizzling PR. The Kindle Romance Review. Authors, if you’d like to promote your book on Twitter, Facebook, and through the power of triberr, this is the place. Peruse our promotional opportunities and simply click BUY − be sure to read all the requirements! Contact for more info or to confirm available dates.

Please read ALL product details below. Allow 24 hrs for email response/confirmation. Looking for a Book Readers Email List? Dashboard 1 — Social Mobile Press. Log In. Buy Retweet. How can I promote a Facebook Tab using the new Facebook Ads options? Best Romance Novels – Discount Romance Books. Promotions for Authors. Great book deals, competitions and promotions straight to your inbox. The Masquerade Crew. eBookSoda - ebook deals tailored to your taste. The Fussy Librarian. Promo Sites. Which Book Marketing Effort is Most Effective?

(The feature image at the top of this post belongs to Disturbet) Everybody knows that word of mouth is the MOST effective method of selling and promoting your book. But that puts you (the author) in the passanger seat, not the driver’s seat. For Authors — BargainBooksy. Advertise with Book Sends! Featured Author Post. Submissions for 99c Kindle Book Sales. Promote your eBooks for FREE! ReadCheaply can help rocket your eBook to the top with our targeted emails.