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Tuomas Korpi Tuomas Korpi On this page I have sketches and paintings created for visual development and production art - as well as personal sketches, speedpaints and studies. In these paintings I try to concentrate on the mood, color and lighting or design more than rendering every little detail very carefully and precise. I use mostly Photoshop. If you´d like to try out some of my brushes, my personal brushset (which I constantly update) can be downloaded here: tuomaskorpi_brushset_20100428.abr.
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Alice in Wonderland (1903) - highlights
Silly Symphony - The Skeleton Dance - 1929
browse your computer drag and drop here Ctrl + V Being followed by this guy in Alaska Being followed by this guy in Alaska
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DragonCon Steampunk Daft Punk-3 | Flickr – Compartilhamento de fotos!
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