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Urban Outfitters. 1246 rue Sainte-Catherine O.

Urban Outfitters

Montréal H3G 1P1 (514) 874-0063 HEURES D'OUVERTURE: 10h00 - 21h00 Lundi au vendredi 10h00 - 19h00 Samedi 11h00 - 18h00 Dimanche 509 rue Saint-Joseph E. Wood Sunglasses. Key Rings at A DOPE DISTRIBUTION OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE. Ceramic watches are the biggest trend to hit watches for 2012.

Unlike a lot of other fashion trends, ceramic is not only a highly stylish option for watches, but also an extremely practical one. Do not confuse our high-tech Ceramic Watch with the delicate porcelain of antique vases or figurines. The ceramic used in watch-making is extremely strong, scratch resistant and lightweight, not to mention super smooth to the touch. Amazon.