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Craig Sanders

AP teacher and academic coach at Ridge Point High School in Fort Bend ISD

WSC 2017. Kiki Kogelnik-Bombs in Love - Google Slides. Cao Fei. In the ocean of storms - Google Slides. wORLD Scholars​Cup - Home. The Makoko Floating School - Kunlé Adeyemi. Conditional Risk - Google Slides. Samsul Arifin: Collective Success. David with the Head of Goliath by Caravaggio. Cube Houses By Jacob Stanley. Rick Sternbach! Into the Wild. The Illusionist by Sigmar Polke - Google Slides.

The Convertible/Lincoln Convertible - Gerald Laing. AcDec Art Tongari-Kun - Google Slides. Horses Running Endlessly by Gabriel Orozco. Retroactive 1. World Scholars Cup Art 2017. Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present. Fortune Teller and the Cat. Nubian Giraffe .pdf. Untitled (2000) Maurizio Cattelan. Saturn as Seen from Titan - Google Slides.