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Blogging. To-do. Itaska. Startup. Four Big Fat Business Plan Lies – Business Plan Fundamentals – Get past these 4 myths and learn what a business plan is at its simplest.

Four Big Fat Business Plan Lies – Business Plan Fundamentals –

With the economy spiraling downward, now is the worst possible time to neglect business planning. People do it because they lose track of the fundamentals. They also fall prey to the four myths about business plans. Don't get caught by any of these lies: It's a big deal. The author is an Entrepreneur contributor. CityMama™ Last week I had the pleasure (and truly, it was a pleasure) of attending the Mom 2.0 Summit in Houston, a gathering of marketers, new media-types, and blogging moms.


The main reason I wanted to attend the conference was because it was less bloggy and more "marketer-y. " Don't get me wrong, I love attending the conferences that focus on blogging, but for the past several years, I've worked hard at transitioning my career from being a professional blogger/blog editor to being an online media consultant who focuses on the marketing side of things (this still includes hiring bloggers, blogger outreach, and social media strategizing). I will always be a blogger, but marketing is what I did before I had kids and it's where my true passion lies. I went to Mom2 to connect and network. I went to meet other women who do what I do. When we first decided that I would stay home with our older daughter, I knew that going from playdate to playground wouldn't be enough to keep me from going bananas.

Baby Shop - the trade magazine for the independent juvenile product retailers. Press Release Analysis for Free. Seth's Blog: Thinking about business models. A business model is the architecture of a business or project.

Seth's Blog: Thinking about business models

It has four elements: What compelling reason exists for people to give you money? (or votes or donations)How do you acquire what you're selling for less than it costs to sell it? What structural insulation do you have from relentless commoditization and a price war? How will strangers find out about the business and decide to become customers? The internet 1.0 was a fascinating place because business models were in flux. Some people got way out of hand and decided that costs were so low, they didn't have to worry about revenue at all. The idea of connecting people, of building tribes, of the natural monopoly provided by online communities means that the internet is the best friend of people focusing on the third element, insulation from competition.

As the internet has spread into all aspects of our culture, it is affecting business models offline as well. Photo by Stock Photo How to complete a full workday by noon?

Sounds impossible, right? But on many days, by 12 o’clock, I have completed work that should normally take eight hours. And I don’t wake up at 4 a.m. to achieve this. Actually, finishing everything by noon isn’t too difficult. The problem, of course, is in the actual elimination of all that wasted time. Don’t Pay Yourself by The Hour If you view work as something that starts at 9 and ends at 5, you won’t be able to finish everything by noon. The solution is to stop paying yourself by the hour. In knowledge work, time input isn’t the point. If You Work at Home, Never Work 9-5 If you are in a typical office environment (that rewards punctuality over performance), it will be harder to get your workday in before noon. 10 Ways Social Media Will Change in 2009 - ReadWriteWeb. "Social media" was the term du jour in 2008.

10 Ways Social Media Will Change in 2009 - ReadWriteWeb

Consumers, companies, and marketers were all talking about it. We have social media gurus, social media startups, social media books, and social media firms. It is now common practice among corporations to hire social media strategists, assign community managers, and launch social media campaigns, all designed to tap into the power of social media. But social media today is a pure mess: it has become a collection of countless features, tools, and applications fighting for a piece of the pie. Facebook, a once groundbreaking online community, has become the ant colony of third-party applications. Users, marketers, and companies face an incredible amount of noise, too. Meaning and connection -- two key anchors of all things social media -- are corroding by the day as people's ability to organize their experiences and find the relevance of their networks declines.

Method to the Mayhem: 13 Tips You Should Know About Before Flying Solo. One-Person Business.