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I am Daniel. I evaluate new cell phone technologies, devices and I write product reviews to highlight their advantages and flaws for end user. I'm currently working with Tweedz braided in ear headphones. Here is the company website:

Black & Gold Earbuds - Durable, Tangle-Free Earphones w/ Braided Gold Accents – Tweedz Braided Headphones. Bose® Noise-Masking Sleepbuds. Custom Molded Earpieces from Blue Earbuds - Durable, Tangle-Free Earphones w/ Braided Black & White Accents – Tweedz Braided Headphones. Bose headphones spy on listeners: lawsuit. Grey Earbuds - Durable, Tangle-Free Earphones w/ Braided Black & White Accents – Tweedz Braided Headphones. The Shape of Music. Zaha Hadid/Swarovski Crystal Palace Collection Roughly 2,500 years ago, Pythagoras observed that objects, such as the anvils he purportedly studied, produced harmonious sounds while vibrating at frequencies in simple whole-number ratios.

The Shape of Music

More complex ratios gave rise to more dissonant sounds, which indicated that human beings were unconsciously sensitive to mathematical relationships inherent in nature. By showing that the world could be described mathematically, Pythagoras not only provided an important inspiration for physics, but he also discovered a particular affinity between mathematics and music—one that Gottfried Leibniz was to invoke centuries later when he described music as the “unknowing exercise of our mathematical faculties.” For a thousand years, Western musicians have endeavored to satisfy two fundamental constraints in their compositions. The first is that melodies should, in general, move by short distances. Plexo : Music Essence. A music discovery mashboard you can use to explore social music sites, news, photos, videos, widgets and conversations.

Plexo : Music Essence

Some of the things you can do here Start your adventures in the digital music landscape using the latest Music 2.0 apps. Surf the social music scene, discover new music and people with similar interests. Share and rate your favorite free music resources via the interactive widget lists. Matrix Map - A Quick Overview Towards the top of the lens you'll find music news and buzz tracking tools. Further down you'll see the Plexo widgets for sharing your favorite music sites. You can share the music lists on your own pages using the widget codes. Scattered around are other goodies like music videos, images, cool products and related lenses. At the bottom of the lens there's space to post messages, news and other cool music links.

Help build the Music Matrix and discover unkown pleasures... Tangle Free Long Lasting Earbuds by Tweedz - Home. Reviews - Tweedz Tangle Free Braided Earbuds. Tweedz earbuds are absolutely perfect for people who want music and traveling at the same time.

Reviews - Tweedz Tangle Free Braided Earbuds

The brand is actually co-founded by an indie folk musician and a globe traveler who better knows what kind of earbuds are needed for traveling. Durability Durability comes first – Not all headphones are made for traveling. Tweedz earbuds are carefully designed to be more durable that stand up to the normal wear and tear of your journey. It has a nylon braided wire inspired by the guitar cables that touring musicians use.

Whether you move within the town and you travel abroad, Tweedz earphones stay at service all the time with you. Noise Reduction. Tweedz - The Most Durable Earbuds : powered by Doodlekit. Tweedz Long Lasting Earphones with Braided Wires. Tweedz. High Quality Headphones with Free Shipping – Tweedz Braided Earbuds. Importance of Most Durable Earbuds. Best earbud headphones 2017. Headphones / Earbuds. Durable Earbuds, Built to Last – Tweedz Braided Headphones. "Tweedz headphone wires are not only less likely to tangle but also more durable" ~ Grind.TV "Made to last" ~ Making a more durable earbud is one of the key missions of Tweedz.

Durable Earbuds, Built to Last – Tweedz Braided Headphones

Tweedz Braided Headphones was co-founded by an indie musician and a world traveller, so we know the pain of having gear that wasn't built to last. We've seen our share of wires worn to shreds, so we wanted to make some reliable earbuds that could withstand a little more wear and tear, and that's why Tweedz were born. We wanted to make earbuds that could stand up to more than just day to day wear and tear. We wanted to make earbuds that could stand up to a little adventure - whether it's hiking, biking, cross country bus trips, or a day of flights with too many layovers. Here are 6 ways Tweedz designed some of the most durable earbuds out there: 1. The braided wires are inspired by same the instrument cables that many touring musicians use. Musicians are road warriors. 2. How is nylon so strong? 3.