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Is Google Making Us Stupid? - Nicholas Carr. Illustration by Guy Billout.

Is Google Making Us Stupid? - Nicholas Carr

Quaz4r comments on Physics misconceptions stickied thread: What are popular misconceptions about physics, and who is at fault? Is there something you've heard about physics that may be a misconception? Rosemary85 comments on As a historian, do you edit Wikipedia? How are the quality of articles on Wikipedia for your field of history? Mehworth comments on WATCH: Rand Paul Says Dick Cheney Pushed for the Iraq War so Halliburton Would Profit. /u/mywan explains why the older generations tend to be more blind to police misconduct than the younger generations. : bestof.

Thebusterbluth comments on Highway 401 at Dixie Road [3485x2032] Teens of Reddit what's cool nowadays? : AskReddit. Hobby Lobby and contraception: How conservative evangelicals went from not caring about abortion and birth control to being obsessed with them. Photo by Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images In its challenge to the “contraception mandate” of the Affordable Care Act, Hobby Lobby claims that certain forms of birth control—Plan B, “ella,” and IUDs—induce abortion and therefore go against the owners’ religious beliefs.

Hobby Lobby and contraception: How conservative evangelicals went from not caring about abortion and birth control to being obsessed with them.

The government’s response is that none of these contraceptives ends a pregnancy. _AnonymousCoward_ comments on ELI5: Why do Americans put so much importance on the thoughts of their founding fathers? Dwwo explains why corporate income tax isn't as big a problem as it's made out to be. : bestof. As an Australian I have grown up with universal health care and see it as a necessity in a western democracy. Im curious, why is it Americans are against "Obama Care" or universal health care for all? : AskReddit. Britain's five richest families worth more than poorest 20% : worldnews. If Other Businesses Worked Like the Cable Company. Where Good Grows - Recycle. WGG Use Terms These Use Terms form part of the Service’s Terms and incorporate WGG’s General Terms by reference.

Where Good Grows - Recycle

Texpeare comments on Why do actors in modern movies today feel more "real" than the acting we see in old movies like Casablanca? /u/DashingLeech ELI5 in /r/politics the importance of unions in the free market. : bestof. Wilbarp comments on Did celebrity efforts like Band Aid's "Do they know it's Christmas?" and USA for Africa's "We Are The World" actually help alleviate famine in the 1980s? She Thinks Too Much [Such Girls Are Dangerous] My Grandfather's childhood toy : WTF. That’s Zef: The True Story Behind Die Antwoord’s Mysterious Style. Ghostalker474 comments on Rant: A good portion of people I deal with are incompetent, not just IT staff.

Take a Look At These Fascinating Happiness-Related Word Clouds. A thoughtful reader sent me the link to Michael Kelley’s piece, “Scientists Used Facebook for the Largest Ever Study of Language and Personality, about a fascinating study done by University of Pennsylvania researchers, “Personality, Gender, and Age in the Language of Social Media.”

Take a Look At These Fascinating Happiness-Related Word Clouds

They used 700 million words, phrases, and topic instances taken from Facebook, from 75,000 volunteers, to analyze linguistic patterns. This might not sound fascinating, but looking at the word clouds generated by this study is riveting. They generated word clouds that track the traits of introversion and extroversion, neuroticism and emotional stability, gender, and age. It’s quite funny to compare the word clouds generated by 13-18 year old, 19-22 year olds, 23-29 year olds, and 30-65 year olds (I didn’t notice an explanation of why they picked these particular age groupings). Chinese immigrants find Australian small talk too awkward. Are language skills alone enough to ensure overseas Chinese fit well into their new home?

Chinese immigrants find Australian small talk too awkward

The answer is no, according to a study of the social experience of recent Chinese immigrants in Australia, which found that their biggest barrier to communication is not language or knowledge, but the ability to make small talk. The experience of 25-year-old Fei - a financial adviser who has lived in Melbourne for seven years, speaks fluent English and considers himself outgoing - is typical. Every time the company holds a social function, he's reluctant to join, he says. His First 4 Sentences Are Interesting. The 5th Blew My Mind. And Made Me A Little Sick. John Green: Good morning, Hank, it's Tuesday.

His First 4 Sentences Are Interesting. The 5th Blew My Mind. And Made Me A Little Sick.

I wanted to talk today about why healthcare costs in the United States are so phenomenally, fascinatingly expensive, but first I have to blow your mind. Alright, so you've probably heard that the reason people enjoy "free" healthcare in Australia and the UK and Canada, etc., etc., is that they pay higher taxes. That money then goes into a big pot and is used to pay for peoples' healthcare. But IN FACT, in the United States, we spend more tax money per capita on healthcare than Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom, or Canada.

YkLLtyl.jpg (309×600) The World of 100 : Toby Ng Design. The Science of Familiar Strangers: Society's Hidden Social Network. We’ve all experienced the sense of being familiar with somebody without knowing their name or even having spoken to them.

The Science of Familiar Strangers: Society's Hidden Social Network

These so-called “familiar strangers” are the people we see every day on the bus on the way to work, in the sandwich shop at lunchtime, or in the local restaurant or supermarket in the evening. Paula Deen’s Racist Wedding Fantasy Was Once Reality. Paula Deen is in trouble.

Paula Deen’s Racist Wedding Fantasy Was Once Reality

Last month, in a deposition for a discrimination suit brought by an employee, the Food Network star blithely admitted to using racial slurs. Perhaps equally disturbing, she also said she had fantasized about throwing a slavery-themed wedding for her brother, an idea that came to her after eating at a restaurant with an all-black staff. Deen has apologized, though the Food Network has announced that it won’t renew her contract. Generation X: An Inconvenient Era. A data-based look at the financial context of the past 30 years from the perspective of Gen X.

Generation X: An Inconvenient Era

I am honored to publish an insightful essay by longtime contributor Eric A. on the inconvenient financial era Generation X finds itself in. What sets this essay apart from most other generational analyses is its focus on data and charts. In The Brewing Generational Conflict (May 15, 2013), I mentioned the Cultural Monster Id (CMI) that arises whenever inter-generational emotions are freely expressed. Every generation-- the Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y/Millennials--is slammed for its supposed character flaws. Generation X: An Inconvenient Era. I don’t hate millennials anymore! Is 'Adventure Time' One Big Allegory For Discovering Sex? Cuber presents five more short graybles in latest "Adventure Time.

Is 'Adventure Time' One Big Allegory For Discovering Sex?

" Cartoon Network. Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes. Image copyright Milla Kontkanen For 75 years, Finland's expectant mothers have been given a box by the state. It's like a starter kit of clothes, sheets and toys that can even be used as a bed. Transhumanism. Transhumanism (abbreviated as H+ or h+) is an international cultural and intellectual movement with an eventual goal of fundamentally transforming the human condition by developing and making widely available technologies to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities.[1] Transhumanist thinkers study the potential benefits and dangers of emerging technologies that could overcome fundamental human limitations, as well as the ethics of developing and using such technologies.

They speculate that human beings may eventually be able to transform themselves into beings with such greatly expanded abilities as to merit the label "posthuman".[1] History[edit] Double Feature Finder. Naked Came the Stranger. Cover of reissue of Naked Came the Stranger Naked Came the Stranger is a 1969 novel written as a literary hoax poking fun at contemporary American culture. Though credited to "Penelope Ashe", it was in fact written by a group of twenty-four journalists led by Newsday columnist Mike McGrady. McGrady's intention was to write a deliberately terrible book with a lot of sex, to illustrate the point that popular American literary culture had become mindlessly vulgar. The book fulfilled the authors' expectations and became a bestseller in 1969; they revealed the hoax later that year, further spurring the book's popularity. [ 1 ] Hoax [ edit ]

The Justice League : funny. In Montreal The Swings Are Alive With The Sound Of Music. Folsom Street Fair. The event started in 1984 and is California's third-largest single-day, outdoor spectator event[citation needed] and the world's largest leather event and showcase for BDSM products and culture.[1] It has grown as a non-profit charity, and local and national non-profits benefit with all donations at the gates going to charity groups as well as numerous fundraising schemes within the festival including games, beverage booths and even spanking for donations to capitalize on the adult-themed exhibitionism. The coordination agency, Folsom Street Events (FSE) is a registered charity and has also started similar events in Canada and Germany. The Perfect Definition of This Goddamn Digital Life. Scribd. Hipsters On Food Stamps, Part 1. Reed - Deadmans Island.pdf. DrNu8.png (960×960) Left vs. Right (US)

Harvard study of teens links soft-drink consumption to violence. Top 20 microbreweries in America. Photo: mfajardo. Herbivore men. Cupid on Trial: A 4-month Online Dating Experiment. The New York Times, December 20, 2012 - page 7. Tiny House, Happy Life? Imagine stepping into a house 25 times smaller than your current abode. For the average American, that would amount to 100 square feet, a space so tiny it feels like it belongs in a tree. The Real World Damage of the Purity Culture.

Urban Ghosts: 9 Ghost Stations and Abandoned Subways. Top 5 Causes of Accidental Death in the United States. Accidents happen — and they also kill enough people to rank as the No. 1 cause of death for those ages 1 to 42, according to the National Safety Council. Accidents are the fifth-leading cause of death across all age groups, topped only by a spate of illnesses that include heart disease and cancer. Sneaky Mobile Ads Invade Android Phones.

Downtown music. HPV 'Epidemic' Behind Increases in Oral Cancer. Katt Williams. The Young and the Restless. Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response. McNaughton Fine Art. Easter in South Park. The New Jew Review. Glitter bombing. Mental_floss Blog & 11 Pencil Vs. Camera Images - StumbleUpon. Online drinking: an exploratory study of alcohol use and intoxication during internet activity. Astronaut Builds a Lego ISS While Inside the Real Space Station. What's Your Zombie Contingency Plan? 11 Practical Strategies. Mixed-use development. Ravers manifesto. 5 Great Moments in History That Could Teach Christian Zealots Important Lessons. Paradox of thrift. Atheists Attack 9/11 Cross.

Newspapers, Paywalls, and Core Users. Do Not Do This Cool Thing. Bare Your Midriff. Dvorak Simplified Keyboard. Warren Buffett sings in the Chinese New Year (+ video) MSLK - HOME PAGE. John Bonham. Live in Nanny Needed for 4 kids (Pls don't call them "Precious Ones") Epic Racist Moment on Game Show. Body dysmorphic disorder. 5 Baffling 80s Trends (Explained by Rare Mental Disorders) Jonathan Franzen. Dubstep.

7 Things From America That Are Insanely Popular Overseas. Jeepney. 8 Real Grade Schools That Went Completely Insane. Pogo (dance) The Hague. Courtesan. Bohemianism. Free sugar. Women in Refrigerators. Gauss rifle - The Vault, the Fallout wiki - Fallout: New Vegas and more. Lord's Resistance Army.