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Grain & Feed Milling Technology

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Gfmt13.05 f5ds. 09/10/2013: US shutdown to impact Australian grain prices; UK's special feeding program for piglets; IFIF re-appoints chairman. Australian grain prices are expected to fall if the US government services aren't reinstated soon.

09/10/2013: US shutdown to impact Australian grain prices; UK's special feeding program for piglets; IFIF re-appoints chairman

Last week, President Barack Obama sent Federal employees home, effectively shutting down the United States Department of Agriculture, which usually employs over 100,000 staff. Sonac introduces Mucopro 80P Digestible Natural Protein Source. 08/10/2013: Monsanto to acquire Climate Corporation; world food prices lowest in three years; professor of animal production. Chemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation, Monsanto has announced its agreement to acquire weather data company The Climate Corporation for approximately US$930 million.

08/10/2013: Monsanto to acquire Climate Corporation; world food prices lowest in three years; professor of animal production

The acquisition will combine The Climate Corporation’s expertise in agriculture analytics and risk-management with Monsanto’s R&D capabilities, providing farmers with access to more information about the many factors that affect the success of their crops. Adifo - Feed sector software seminar. Software solution provider Adifo will host its seminar on feed sector related software tools titled "How to utilize feed industry- specific IT solutions?

Adifo - Feed sector software seminar

" tomorrow. Taking place at the Crowne Plaza NEC hotel in Birmingham, UK the seminar offers the opportunity to explore the best IT solutions available to companies in the feed business. For more than 30 years now, Adifo has translated its expertise in the international nutrition industry into sector-specific software tools. Tools that directly contribute to business goals by implementing best practices. GRAPAS Awards entries open. You may think we have, over the past 150 years achieved all the progress we can towards creating an efficient milling industry the provides safe food at affordable prices and delivered to consumers on a timely basis.

GRAPAS Awards entries open

Olmix. Global Milling News. Feed focus - POULTRY. 20/09/2013: Swaminathan talks storage facilities; research scientist wins international award; Spanish trade delegation visit Central Asia. The government should create modern food grain storage facilities - each with a million tonne capacity - at 50 locations across the country, agriculture scientist M S Swaminathan has suggested.

20/09/2013: Swaminathan talks storage facilities; research scientist wins international award; Spanish trade delegation visit Central Asia

Swaminathan said the government will require 64 million tonnes of food grain every year to fulfil the commitment under the Food Security Law that was recently passed by Indian Parliament, that provides for 5 kg of food grain per month per person to 67 per cent of the country's population. SPACE 2013: a record-beating show. The 27th SPACE held from 10th - 13th September 2013 in Rennes, France beat all attendance records for the number of visitors, in particular foreign visitors, number of exhibitors, size of the exhibition area and number of new products presented.

SPACE 2013: a record-beating show

There were 114,591 visitors (6% more than in 2012, beating the 2003 record) including 12,298 foreign visitors (+12%) from 110 countries. This increase in the number of visitors and the large area covered by stands (67,000 m² net exhibition area) helped to promote ideal conditions for trade and business discussions. The significant increase in the number of foreign visitors illustrates the position of SPACE as one of the leading animal production shows in the world. This increase, marked by a large number of visitors from Asia (China, Vietnam, etc) and West Africa, met the expectations of exhibitors for whom exports are the key to increasing sales and long-term stability. Bühler. 19/09/2013: Algeria's first US grain imports; ag giants kept out of India; Adisseo wins IT Innovation Award. The U.S.

19/09/2013: Algeria's first US grain imports; ag giants kept out of India; Adisseo wins IT Innovation Award

Grains Council (USGC) recently announced positive international developments with regard to the importation of dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS) in Algeria and plans by Taiwan to purchase U.S. grains products. This positive development comes a year after USGC and USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service announced that a three and a half year effort to convince Algeria to remove a value added tax and custom tax on all feed imports to Algeria.

Controls are discouraging the agricultural trading giants from investing in the country's storage sector despite a huge potential for elevator production in a country where US$3.5bn of grain is written off every year. While India is the second-ranked rice and wheat producing country after China, agricultural trading houses have been reluctant to invest in the country thanks to the degree of government control over the sector. Last chance to apply for GEAPS 2014 Idea Exchange. Following on from last year, the Idea Exchange, a branch of the GEAPS Exchange 2014 show has become one of the most popular parts of the grain exchange event.

Last chance to apply for GEAPS 2014 Idea Exchange

The exchange highlights new ideas and products in the grain industry. The Idea Exchange is one way the Educational Programming Committee demonstrates its appreciation for those who have made a significant contribution to the industry over the past year. The Committee is inviting all GEAPS members to help make Idea Exchange 2014 even better and more informative. This is your chance to present your innovation to a live audience, and get the word out about your product. In addition to the live event, Idea Exchange participants will see their winning idea on the GEAPS website and in other industry publications. Cereal grain scientists to present new research at AACC international meeting. Cereal grain scientists from around the world will gather in Albuquerque, New Mexico from the 29th September - 2nd October 2013 for the AACC International Annual Meeting.

Cereal grain scientists to present new research at AACC international meeting

This event is expected to attract as many as 1,100 of the world’s cereal grain scientists representing a broad range of expertise working in academia, industry, and government. David Hahn, AACC international president, Koushik Seetharaman, program chair and the 2013 Annual Meeting Technical Program planning committee have put together an outstanding scientific program, including 23 special and oral technical sessions on today’s most relevant cereal grain topics and critical issues, such as wheat improvement in the 21st century, value-added processing of oats and barley, and designing safe grain-based food products.

Some scientists believe that food containing wheat, sugar, and carbohydrates are detrimental to optimum brain functionality. Alapala. 18/9/13: Attenborough on overpopulation; Innovad's global expansion; Tips for America's grain harvesters. Adifo. Brabender instruments: Farinograph AT; GlutoPeak. With its technological principle, the Farinograph by Brabender® located in Duisburg, Germany is the most important and best-known device for determining the water absorption of flour and the rheological properties of dough worldwide.

Brabender instruments: Farinograph AT; GlutoPeak

In addition to effective and reliable work processes with tried and tested standard methods, users in the grain chain have constantly expressed a desire to open up new perspectives where quality assurance and product development are concerned. The field of flour analysis is faced with ever-increasing demands in combination with the corresponding foodstuffs technology specifications for products in a highly diversified market that is becoming ever more international.

16/09/2013: Foodbank wants your grain; US biofuels mandate; CBH moves into US grain market. Grain Trade Australia (GTA) announced the initiative at the Australian Grain Industry Conference in Melbourne last month. A Grain Consultative Group that comprises representatives from all sectors of the industry has been set up to help facilitate donations.

An ethanol trade group and a cattlemen's organisation have differing opinions with regards to the US Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). Best of the best at Livestock Asia in partnership with UKTI. 24th Annual Practical Short Course on Feeds and Pet Food Extrusion. The 24th Annual Practical Short Course on Feeds and Pet Food Extrusion will cover a range of subjects including, designing new feed mills and selecting conveying, drying, grinding, conditioning and feed mixing equipment. Current practices for production of pet foods, preparing full-fat soy meal; recycling fisheries by-products, raw animal products, and secondary resources; extrusion of floating, sinking, and high fat feeds; spraying and coating fats, digests and preservatives; use of encapsulated ingredients and preparation of premixes, and least cost formulation will also be reviewed.

Practical demonstration of pet food, vacuum coating, and several others will take place on four major types of extruders - dry, interrupted flights, single and twin screw, using various shaping dies. The course runs from January 19-24, 2014. Zheng Chang. 12/09/13: Grain barge found adrift; new Cargill CEO; Taiwan to buy $4 billion in US ag products. A loaded grain barge has been apparently intentionally adrift in the Columbia river, Oregon, USA on Friday. The crew of a passing tug boat spotted the 252-foot-long barge, which was floating unlit and unmanned near a staging area between Portland and Vancouver.

Tidewater Barge Lines staff members had reported the barge missing at about 10 p.m. on Friday. Westeel. 11/09/2013: Industry grain use set to rebound; livestock farmers oppose registration laws; FDA analysis of arsenic in rice. According to the International Grains Council, the amount of grains used to make industrial products, mainly ethanol and starch, will register the largest annual increase in four years during 2013-14. This expected rise is a result of record global maize production and a decline in grain prices The IGC forecasts world industrial use of grains in 2013-14 at 320.2 million tonnes, up 6 percent or 17.2 million tonnes from last year's estimated 303 million tonnes.

10/09/2013: Indian terminal hub for grain transport; new wheat in Kenya; GM debate heats up in China. K.V. Thomas, a member of the Indian National Congress and union minister for the food, consumer affairs and public distribution system has announced plans to open a harbour station in Willingdon, Island, Kerala, India. Tapco. 8th Food Proteins Course: Theory and practice for 10 plant and animal proteins. Taiwan goodwill mission to sign letters of intent for wheat purchases. The Taiwan Flour Mills Association (TFMA) will sign a letter of intent in Washington, DC, September 10, 2013, to purchase up to 62.5 million bushels (1.7 million metric tons) of U.S. wheat, worth an estimated $484.5 million, over two years between 2014 and 2015.

Symaga. Satake. Cereals event review. Global Feed Markets: July - August 2013. Olmix. Adifo Seminar: How to utilize feed industry-specific IT solutions? Muyang. R-Biopharm Rhône ventures into new international markets to find record sales and profits. Exploring the challenge of single versus multi-enzyme dosing comparisons.

Kepler Weber. Adifo - BESTMIX® Formulation as a service. New! GFMT article: Sweeping changes to OSHA’s sweep auger enforcement. Sweeping changes to OSHA’s sweep auger enforcement. Imas. HGCA investment aims to help update nutrient management recommendations. New Molecular Advancement Center dedicated as Kemin expansion continues. The $16.7 million, 46,300 square foot Molecular Advancement Center (MAC), includes two general labs, six shared labs, three pilot labs, a sensory lab, a test kitchen and a personal care application research lab. In addition to providing ample bench space, the building includes a café serving Starbucks® coffee in an environment that encourages collaboration, creativity and innovation.

The MAC is already occupied by approximately 60 scientists, researching and developing products for the feed and food industries as well as the health, nutrition and beauty markets. The company’s existing Innovation Center continues to operate at full capacity with scientists focused on discovery research and pet food. Chief. Sweeping changes to OSHA’s sweep auger enforcement. Bühler. FEED FOCUS: Health benefits of natural feed ingredients: oregano increases efficiency of cattle feeds. FEED FOCUS: Pelleted feed technology for dairy cows. Alapala.

Grain and Feed

AB Vista. Aflatoxins in Europe: a new risk in maize production? August 2013 - Grain & Feed Milling Technology magazine by Perendale Publishers. GFMT July/August 2013 online now. Rotaval. Rentokil. O&J. Managing mill maintenance - Roller mill maintenance. Muyang. Russia 2013 wheat harvest to total 52.1 million tonnes. According to a July forecast conducted by analysts at the APK-Inform Agency, the general production of wheat in Russia in 2013 is set to reach 52.1 millionn tonnes, an increase of 38.1 percent compared with to last year. Low-scale losses of winter grain crops in the winter-spring period (nearly 6 percent) led to an increase in the remaining areas of crop compared with the previous season.

Hydronix. Brabender. Tapco. Symaga. Rotaval. Interview with Ali Habaj, IOAM MEA. Rentokil. Turkish milling industry review. Nabim. Managing mill maintenance - Roller mill maintenance. Mondi. Hydronix. Assessing nutritional value with NIR. ‘Kill step’ validation of low-moisture extrusion. Cimbria. High efficiency elevator buckets: modern vs traditional design. Wear protection underwrites continuity of production & supply, deli... Binmaster. Bayer. Alapala. 4B Braime. Symaga. Vigan. Alapala. Alapala. Product showcase 2013. Symaga. Importance of trace minerals for nutrient stability in feed. The benefits of extrusion cooking. Westeel. Wenger. The Global Miller: New! GFMT article: Port news round up. CropTech-FeedTech Debate continues online. Vigan. Super chilled grains. AIC launches feed adviser register. 03/05/2013: Australians plant grain without rain; lawsuit to ger arsenic out of animal feed; Indian rice mill takeover.