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How Transcription Services can Empower Insurance Agents

28 april 2020

How Transcription Services can Empower Insurance Agents

How Transcription Services can Empower Insurance Agents

Transcription Outsourcing is a practice, which has been expanding significantly in the recent past. The business is quickly becoming recognized because of its ability to deliver high-quality results, on time and on budget. For this reason, a majority of major business operation from wide-ranging fields such as medicine, law, insurance and finance seems to be turning to transcription services in managing their productivity.

Talking of improving productivity, insurance agents, brokers and adjusters have realized the secret in using online transcription services. Apparently, a majority of Insurance companies rely on these agents in producing professional results.

But Why would Insurance Companies Outsource to Transcription Services

Outsourcing of audio transcription services comes with a whole lot of advantages, the major one being time consuming. There are also the high-quality results, which come along with the fact that the services are handled by specialists who adhere to accuracy. 

It is worth noting that Insurance Agents handle millions of claims related to the likes of accidents, fire, and crimes among other incidents. On the other handle, they take time to process.  Given that all these are developed in multiple stages it is very likely to have multiple human errors, which, if not corrected on time would in the long run become very expensive to clean up. Hence, accuracy is of the essence and this answers the question, why would Insurance companies outsource to transcription services?

On another level, insurance brokers, agents and adjusters are always faced with the challenges of competition, which is accelerated by market pressure. They is also the element of limited access to resources but with the use of transcribers, all these challenges are somewhat manageable. 

In terms of time, an Insurance Agent may not be as quick as professional transcription service in processing claims and with all the accurateness required. Again they are able to work within strict deadlines, which even the most professional well-trained adjusters may not match. Keeping to the deadlines means the companies can save much more economically. 

Qualities of a Credible Insurance Transcription Service

The insurance transcription process would be easy with the right transcription experts. This is because Professional transcribers often have access to tools, which would help in the interpretation of any recording. Sometimes, it can be challenging to hear what someone is saying. However, experts have access to the correct software, which has a vital role on language and accent translation.

That said and given that the insurance company’s endeavor is to process as many claims as possible it is only important that the companies would establish long-term relationships with credible online transcription services.  This will not only help in increasing productivity but also in streaming the company’s insurance business.

Here are some of the qualities every company should look out for before outsourcing its transcription: -

·         Certification

As agreed earlier, all transcriptions require the highest level of accuracy. For you to get this, it is necessary to engage a transcription service, which has the right certification. This is the only assurance that your results will receive the highest of standards.


·         Appropriate experience

Any credible Transcription Service must have the right experience of having worked in the insurance industry. With commendable experience, the outsourced service is cable of handling all the nitty-gritties, which come along with transcription.


·         Can the transcription work with different formats?

Transcripts come in print and electronic formats.  There are also other formats the likes of E-transcripts, PDFs and ACSII.  With the growth and significant establishment of transcription, the outsourced company must be able to work with different formats.


·         Confidentiality by the transcription service

The transcription service must be ready and very cooperative in handling any information for its client. That means confidentiality must be exercised. The service must also be conversant with and be quick in adapting technological advancements as well as organizational skills relevant to the growing market.