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Offering Day of the Dead / Dia de los Muertos Mexican Folk Art, Sugar Skulls, Calaveras de Azucar, Molds and more. Sabbat Correspondences. Undefined Sabbat Correspondences This text is taken from "The Sabbats, a New Approach to Living the Old Ways", by Edain McCoy.

Sabbat Correspondences

Hold an Imbolc Candle Ritual (for Solitaries) Hundreds of years ago, when our ancestors relied upon the sun as their only source of light, the end of winter was met with much celebration.

Hold an Imbolc Candle Ritual (for Solitaries)

Although it is still cold in February, often the sun shines brightly above us, and the skies are often crisp and clear. As a festival of light, Imbolc came to be called Candlemas. On this evening, when the sun has set once more, call it back by lighting the seven candles of this ritual. ** Note: although this ceremony is written for one, it can easily be adapted for a small group. Brigid's Cross. At Imbolg, the Maiden aspect of the Goddess might be represented in a great variety of ways -- by a simple ear of dried corn, a figure made of grain at Lughnasadh, or straws or wheat braided into an intricate design.

Brigid's Cross

One representation of the Goddess is Brigid's Cross. Although the original design may well have been made from rushes, wheat versions have been recreated for centuries. Make a cross for each room in the house to invite the blessings of the Goddess into them. Method OneMethod TwoBrigid's Cross Rite Materials: 28 long, large diameter wheat straws without heads Soak straws in a tub of cool water for half an hour before starting, then wrap in a towel for another 15 minutes. Make the core first by positioning two straws to make a plus sign, placing the horizontal straw on top. Turn the straws 90 degrees counterclockwise again. Continue to add folded straws. When all 28 straws have been incorporated, tie each arm off about 4 inches from the center of the design. 1. 2. 3. 4. Rituals & Spells. A Year of Wiccan Sabbat Rituals. As the Wheel of the Year turns and the eight Wiccan Sabbats pass by, many people like to celebrate with special ceremonies and rituals.

A Year of Wiccan Sabbat Rituals

Learn about the different Sabbats, what they mean, and how you can celebrate with your group or as a solitary practitioner. Samhain Celebrate the Harvest's End. Samhain falls on October 31, and is known as the Witch's New Year. Moonchild Wheel of the Year Calendar. There is a simple story that humans have been telling one another since before time.

Moonchild Wheel of the Year Calendar

Imbolc Rite and Rituals - Wiccan Imbolc Rituals - How to Celebrate Imbolc. Imbolc is a time of celebration and ritual, often honoring Brighid, the goddess of the hearth.

Imbolc Rite and Rituals - Wiccan Imbolc Rituals - How to Celebrate Imbolc

This is also a time of new beginnings and of purification. Celebrate the Imbolc season by performing rites and rituals that honor the themes of the end of winter. Imbolc Rites and RitualsImbolc is a time of ritual and ceremony for many Pagans. Here are some of our most popular Imbolc rite -- and remember, any of them can be adapted for either a solitary practitioner or a small group, with just a little planning ahead. Imbolc House Cleansing CeremonyMany people have gotten into the habit of doing a spring cleaning, and it's a good way to get yourself inspired. Hold an Imbolc Candle Ritual (for Solitaries)Imbolc is also known as Candlemas, and is considered a festival of fire. All About Imbolc. By February, most of us are tired of the cold, snowy season.

All About Imbolc

Imbolc reminds us that spring is coming soon, and that we only have a few more weeks of winter to go. The sun gets a little brighter, the earth gets a little warmer, and we know that life is quickening within the soil. There are a number of different ways to celebrate this Sabbat, but first, you may want to read up on: Rituals and Ceremonies Depending on your particular tradition, there are many different ways you can celebrate Imbolc. N, Pagan and Witchcraft Holidays., Imbolc Lore. Imbolc, (pronounced "IM-bulk" or "EM-bowlk"), also called Oimealg, ("IM-mol'g), by the Druids, is the festival of the lactating sheep. It is derived from the Gaelic word "oimelc" which means "ewes milk".

WICCAN TRADITION, Festivals Imbolc, Candlemas February 2nd. Is a fire festival celebrating the Goddess of fertility and her consort the Great Horned God, it was also celebrated as the feast of Pan.

WICCAN TRADITION, Festivals Imbolc, Candlemas February 2nd

Some have a tradition at Imbolc to light every lamp in the home at or around sunset on Imbolc, for a few minutes. Others light a candle in each room, this is to honour the suns rebirth. It is a time to feel winter but remember the warmth of the sun, walk outside sky-clad or as near as possible and draw in the coldness for a minute or two then visualise and remember the warmth of the sun. Rites for ImbolcWhere possible there should be a north facing Alter before the alter place a besom, On top of the alter, centrally place a crown or circle of 13 Red and Brown candles. On either side of the crown place a brown and pink candle, Burn wisteria or other appropriate incense. A seasonal symbol such as snow flake picture or a freshly picked flower is placed on the alter inside the crown.

Sabbats and Esbats - The Sabbats Tell the Story of the Goddess and God. Wiccan Holidays: Celebrating the Sun on the Sabbats. The Witches Sabbats. SABBATS. © Josephine Wall - Artist© Gaia, who is Mother Earth, is the bringer of life and beauty.


Where She breathes, She brings new life to a sleeping Earth. > Renewal springs forth along Gaia's path Sabbat Celebrations Sabbat has two possible meanings not given in standard texts on Wicca, and both are connected to the Great Goddess. Now, the Pagan Sabbats have evolved into there being many ways to look at the Sabbats. Many Pagans interact with the Sabbats in a more spiritual and growing manner. Pagan and Wiccan sabbats and holidays. YULE (circa December 21)(Winter Solstice, December 20-23 (varies according to the particular date on the standard calendar according to when the Solstice will occur astronomically)).

Pagan and Wiccan sabbats and holidays

Longest night of the year, the turning point when the days shall afterwards grow longer as winter begins its passage into the coming spring. It is, in the Goddess worship, the time when she gives forth again to the birth of the Divine Sun child who shall be both child and eventually lover and father of the next child in the cycle. IMBOLC (February 2)(Candlemas, Brigid's Day) Not common to all Pagans, this is very popular with Wiccans and various Celtic sects. The Sabbats of Wicca. Learn Wicca / Wicca 101 / Faerie Tradition Because witches honor nature, they have eight festivals, or Sabbats, that mark the year as it turns through its seasons. The following is basic information about these Sabbats, and includes both standard Wiccan information as well as my personal Sabbat lore and experiences, in other words, what I perceive the Sabbats to be.

Samhain happens near Halloween and is when the Wiccan year begins. My altar cloth is black, because we are in the time of year that is dark. On my altar is the harvest, our "dead Lord" whose life is in the crops and "sacrificed" when the crops are killed to become our food.