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Mappe socioculturali. Geografia fantastica e dello spirito. Map Editor. In viaggio. Google Maps. NatGeo Mapmaker Interactive. Explore Earth. Allerta meteo - Regione Toscana. La mappa dell'arte in Italia. The Map is not the territory. World-wide Ancient Site Database. Grid Reference Finder. OpenStreetMap. Find Latitude and Longitude. The true size of ... CARTO. Dessous des cartes. Cartothèque. Cartothèque. Cartes. Cartes. 25 Free Vector World Maps.

Generally, finding World map templates is not an easy task. Unlike patterns and textures, high-quality world maps are not the easiest to come across. We realized this problem some time back, and here we are today, with a solution to it — an assortment of 20 world maps in various formats (PSD, SVG, and PNG). Browse through the collection, and do share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Also, if you are aware of any world map source file that we missed, feel free to add it to the list by commenting below. If you’re looking for Vector World Map Templates, check out this post: 20 Free Vector World Map Templates. Artistic Map-Making Template (PSD) Folded World Map (PSD) World Atlas – Dotted Mercator (PSD) Folded Maps (PSD) World Map (PSD) Webcam World Map (PSD) World Map (AI) World Map 45° Lines Vector (EPS) World Map (AI & EPS) Detailed World Map (EPS) Map of European Countries (AI, EPS & SVG) World Map Vector (AI) World Countries Map Vector (AI) World Map Silhouette (EPS) Vector World Map (AI)

Mapping & Cartography. Maps. Maps. Maps. Maps. Maps. Home page Down to: 6th to 15th Centuries | 16th and 19th Centuries | 1901 to World War Two | 1946 to 21st Century The Ancient World ... index of places Aegean Region, to 300 BCE Aegean Region, 185 BCE Africa, 2500 to 1500 BCE Africa to 500 CE African Language Families Alexander in the East (334 to 323 BCE) Ashoka, Empire of (269 to 232 BCE) Athenian Empire (431 BCE) China, Korea and Japan (1st to 5th century CE) China's Warring States (245 to 235 BCE) Cyrus II, Empire of (559 to 530 BCE) Delian League, 431 BCE Egyptian and Hittite Empires, 1279 BCE Europe Fertile Crescent, 9000-4500 BCE Germania (120 CE) Greece (600s to 400s BCE) Gupta Empire (320 to 550 CE) Han China, circa 100 BCE Hellespont (Battle of Granicus River, 334 BCE) India to 500 BCE Israel and Judah to 733 BCE Italy and Sicily (400 to 200 BCE) Judea, Galilee, Idumea (1st Century BCE) Mesopotamia to 2500 BCE Mesoamerica and the Maya (250 to 500 CE) Oceania Power divisions across Eurasia, 301 BCE Roman Empire, CE 12 Roman Empire, CE 150 Roman Empire, CE 500.

Flightradar24 Live Flight Tracker. OpenSignalMaps - Cell Phone Tower and Signal Maps. Roundabouts Worldwide. Lakes and Oceans. WikiLoc. Croquis de randonnee - Trucs et astuces. Geolocation. Géolocalisation. Geo Maps & Stats. GPS TRACKS. The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site. Useful Stuff. GIS. UX Patterns for Maps. The true size of countries. Ventusky - Wind, Rain and Temperature Maps. Nature Soundmap. 'Welcome to the Anthropocene' Earth Animation. Black Marble: NASA Releases Incredibly Detailed Photos of Earth at Night.

You’ve probably heard of The Blue Marble , an iconic photo of Earth captured in 1972 from 28,000 miles away by astronauts on the Apollo 17 spacecraft. Well, NASA has just released a number of photographs titled “Black Marble.” They offer the same perspective as the iconic photo, except these new images show what our planet looks like at night ! The photograph above shows North and South America (original resolution here ). It’s a composite photograph created using images snapped by a satellite over the period of around three weeks in April and October of this year. It took the satellite 312 orbits around our planet to capture 2.5 terabytes of imagery. The satellite used a special new imaging system that can detect extremely dim signals. Here are a couple more Black Marble photographs showing different sections of our planet (click the photos for highest-res versions): Here’s a zoomed-in view of the United States and Europe using the same imagery:

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