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Online tools. Online Tools. Outils en ligne. La liste ultime des ressources gratuites : photos libres de droits, polices, logos, icônes... Online services. LOGICIELS EN LIGNE. 25+ apps that the TED staff swears make their everyday lives easier. The 50 Free Apps We're Most Thankful For. 13 Little Known Free Programs Any LifeHacker Must Try. There’s plenty of useful free computer programs and websites that a lot of people don’t know about.

13 Little Known Free Programs Any LifeHacker Must Try

Hopefully, after reading this post, your time spent in front of the computer will become a bit more healthy, productive, and easily managed. 1. Bitrix24 Bitrix24 is a multi-purpose program free to companies with fewer than 12 employees. 50 Unique and Useful Websites on the Internet. In the internet world when we surfing the browser we can see millions of websites, blogs, gaming sites.

50 Unique and Useful Websites on the Internet

Websites are categorized as personal resource, travel, education, general internet etc. But if you visit a website that may be useful and interested for you but another one feels that’s not special for him. 50 Of The Most Useful Websites On The Internet - WeHaveNoTopic. There are many website to help us be productive.

50 Of The Most Useful Websites On The Internet - WeHaveNoTopic

The problem is that you probably never heard of most of them. That’s why we made a list of 50 of the most useful websites on the internet! Basically Shazam for PC. Play or sing a song and the site will know what song it is.WhatTheFont Upload an image of a font and this website tells you what font is Learn chess on the Solves any kind of math problem and also tells you Disposable e-mail address. Générateurs en ligne.


Complete Reference Guides and Online Manuals for All Adobe Tools. Even years after it went up, a lot of people still don’t know about it.

Complete Reference Guides and Online Manuals for All Adobe Tools

We’re talking about the free online documentation for all Adobe software – a set of user manuals that can answer quite a few customer questions, and also be a great resource if you don’t use a product yet but want to find out more about it… This exists in searchable and downloadable form for all major Adobe applications, including the Creative Cloud, Creative Suite, Lightroom, Acrobat, Photoshop Elements, etc. – for all recent releases on both Windows and Mac OS.

Free Reference Cards - onlinecomputerbooks. Images.


InDesign, Grids & Layout. Photoshop. Immagini. Icone. Google form. Edit Pictures. Image Tools. 21 Free Design Tools for Marketers on a Budget. They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but let's be honest ... a pretty cover doesn’t hurt when it comes to your marketing.

21 Free Design Tools for Marketers on a Budget

That’s why -- whether you're creating lead generation content, social media content, calls-to-action, or infographics -- your marketing materials should always be as visually appealing as possible. Problem is, actually creating all these beautiful visuals isn't exactly every marketer's forte. Un clone de Photoshop 100% en ligne. Public Domain Collections: Free to Share & Reuse. That means everyone has the freedom to enjoy and reuse these materials in almost limitless ways.

Public Domain Collections: Free to Share & Reuse

The Library now makes it possible to download such items in the highest resolution available directly from the Digital Collections website. Search Digital Collections No permission required. No restrictions on use. Below you'll find tools, projects, and explorations designed to inspire your own creations—go forth and reuse! Free Graphics Software Downloads - CometBird. Logiciels de graphisme. Logiciels de graphisme Vu le prix de Photoshop, je persiste à affirmer haut et fort que bien peu de particuliers doivent avoir et utilisent légalement ce logiciel !

Logiciels de graphisme

Même si j'admets que c'est un excellent logiciel ! Sauf peut-être pour quelqu'un qui n'a jamais fait de photo numérique et qui n'a pas trop de temps. Donc, pour un particulier qui veut rester dans la légalité et/ou qui veut un logiciel simple, il devra abandonner Photoshop pour se tourner vers d'autres solutions moins coûteuses :

Vintage pictures & icons

GIMP : Image Manipulation. Aviary. Preloadr: Image processing powered by nexImage. Online photo editor. RETOUCHE PHOTOS.

Montage photo. Risorse grafiche varie. Packaging Templates. Packaging Mockups PSDCovers. AlternativeTo - Social Software Recommendations. APO EXPRESS - ressources dans le nuage. La référence des téléchargements gratuits. The 200 Best Graphic, App & Web Design Tools & Resources (Categorized) This post is #21 in DailyTekk’s famous Top 100 series which explores the best startups, gadgets, apps, websites and services in a given category.

The 200 Best Graphic, App & Web Design Tools & Resources (Categorized)

Total items listed: 198. Time to compile: 8+ hours. Graphic design - a bunch of tumblr to explore. Graphics. Grafic World. Graphic Tree. SHELL EXTENSION CITY, millions of free Windows power tools, explorer enhancements, windows add-ons, tweaks, system utilities, freeware, IE7. The Simple Guide to Creative Commons Resources. Creative Commons is a tool that allows designers, writers, videographers and web developers to use content free of charge.

The Simple Guide to Creative Commons Resources

30+ Places To Find Creative Commons Media. This article was written in 2009 and remains one of our most popular posts.

30+ Places To Find Creative Commons Media

If you’re keen to learn more about online tools, you may find this recent article on Google Analytics apps of great interest. In this day and age, it seems everything online has a price associated with it. Whether you’re subscribing to a pay site for full articles or clicking on ads in a blog, everything online seems to have money associated with it. Luckily there is still a large, and very healthy, movement online for media files listed under the Creative Commons licenses. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, these are files you can use in the creation of web sites and other media, free of charge.

Secret-Internet. 50 time-saving Google Docs templates. The Ultimate Excel Cheatsheet. Working with the new Excel 2007 is now more frustrating than ever when it comes to finding the right commands. Sometimes it seems like part magic and part luck. That’s why we’ve put together the cream of the crop of Excel shortcuts in easy to use cheatsheets you can print up and keep handy. Highlighting the most commonly used and commonly looked for Excel commands, this list puts it all at your fingertips. Project Naptha.

Video editing/making. Video Editing. RETOUCHE VIDEO. MONTAGE VIDEO. Creaza. Video Slideshow Maker with Music. GoAnimate - Make your own cartoons and animations easily. Our to. Lightworks. Personal Development. RETOUCHE PHOTOS. Create paintings from photos. Fotor - Photo Editing Online Made Powerful & Simple.

PicMonkey: Free Online Photo Editing. Fast flash maker for you to create flash movies. Graphics Community with Photoshop Contests, Photography and Drawing Contests. The 50 Most Popular Web Design Blog Posts, Resources & Cheat Sheets of 2007. Basics & Principles 9 Essential Design Principles - PSDtuts, known for its Photoshop tutorials, gives us a nice list of basic design principles that can be applied to many different media types, but are often lost in amateur web design.

The Importance of White space - One of the oldest principals of design is white space, and knowing how to use it properly could mean wonders for your design. Popular site A List Apart tackles the subject. Web Design Resources. Background Burner Does Quick Background Removal on Your Photos. 40 Metal Textures. Free Textures - 3D Textures, Photoshop Textures. Free Textures from TextureKing.

Pattern4u - Classic.