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Media Streaming with Windows 7 - Engineering Windows 7. We’ve blogged about a number of features related to home networking and media in Windows 7.

Media Streaming with Windows 7 - Engineering Windows 7

A scenario which brings all these together in a pretty cool way is Media Streaming. This scenario allows you to use a Windows 7 PC as a hub for media sharing—where you can share media with other PCs and devices on your home network via streaming, and even stream this information securely over the internet. Scott Manchester on the Devices & Media program management team coordinated this post, but as you will see it represents work across the Core User Experience, Media Center, Networking, and even Windows Live chose to take advantage of the new APIs in this scenario. This is a pretty detailed post and there’s a lot to try out. OpenELEC - The living room PC for everyone. We Got Served. Digital Home, Digital Lifestyle, Digital Media, Streaming Media, Connected TV, Smart TV, HTPC, Tablet, VOD, IPTV News. BarracudaDrive Web Server.

Amahi Home Server - Making Home Networking Simple. PS3 Media Server. Serviio DLNA media server. A Free DLNA Media Server For Mac, Windows, and Linux. MEDIAPORTAL - a HTPC Media Center for free!