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Tungsten Rings by W74

We are all about one thing- Tungsten and W74 stands to represent- Wolfram – The chemical name of Tungsten.

Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Wedding Rings - Tungsten Mens Rings and Bands Canada by W74. Tungsten wedding rings are an increasingly popular choice of brides and grooms who desire wedding bands that are not only beautiful and distinctive, but can survive the test of time and be passed along as keepsakes to future generations.

Wedding Rings - Tungsten Mens Rings and Bands Canada by W74

Men’s tungsten wedding rings are romantic and attractive, yet masculine. Tungsten rings are an outstanding choice for a right hand ring, treat yourself or a loved one. This is only a selection of suitable tungsten wedding rings and right hand rings, review the entire catalogue and choose the ring that speaks to your desires. Papa Grande$999.00So you’re minted, now what?

Tungsten Ring. Tungsten Rings and Wedding Bands Canada. Tungsten Rings by W74. Tungsten Carbide Rings Pros and Cons.