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One day, on my way to work I decided to make a small detour on my way to the subway and took a walk through one of Lisbon's most charismatic parks. It was a cold February morning, no one was in sight and the sound of morning traffic was subdued by the trees. I was immersed into a natural environment and it almost seemed magical. Suddenly, I passed by some trees that really caught my attention ( image 1 ). They somehow resembled groping hands and with their scale, they looked threatening. Tutorials Tutorials
How I See Color - A Tutorial by =purplekecleon on deviantART

How I See Color - A Tutorial by =purplekecleon on deviantART

Okay, I wish this could be a hundred pages longer. Color's such an intense and complex subject, there's so much that you can do with it... Also I'm a little less than impressed with how the colors look when I switch to my other monitor after having drawn on the Cintiq. That always irks me, monitor differences :/ I didn't want to type it out because I think more about what I'm saying when I write it, and when I type I tend to ramble. Like now, I guess.
A Beginner's Guide to Painting with Photoshop | Digital Image Magazine Bronze Dragon (detail) by Keyem Beyit After painting exclusively in Corel Painter for five years, I decided to finally learn how to paint using Photoshop. I found Painter pretty intuitive to learn, since the brushes and papers act very much like their real-world counterparts. Not the case with Photoshop. Without going into a lot of technical detail, here’s a simplified explanation of the difference between brushes in Painter and in Photoshop. Painter: The brushes interact with color on the canvas, as in traditional media. A Beginner's Guide to Painting with Photoshop | Digital Image Magazine
Let's take a walkthrough of one of my digital paintings done in adobe photoshop. The brushes and exact methods used throughout were not recorded but I will make general comments on each step if applicable. The original reference for this painting was a photo taken by Epoxy5. Digital Painting Steps - Adobe Photoshop Tutorial Digital Painting Steps - Adobe Photoshop Tutorial
Painting a Landscape Here a small tutorial which will enable you to paint in Photoshop a basic landscape which could be thereafter detailed. The tools essential with its realization will be the brushes and their settings. In a new document, whose size is 1900 X 900 pixels we will first paint the sky. If you have difficulty in choosing your color of sky or your range, then you can take the help of a photograph. If in spite of a photograph you do not get the desired result, it should be said that during morning and evening sky changes the colors very quickly because of sun. Sky - On two separate layers, paints with a hard brush - a blue color and a yellow color with orange tint on other. Painting a Landscape
Advanced Digital Painting Techniques -- Art Tutorials at Epilogue Advanced Digital Painting Techniques -- Art Tutorials at Epilogue Article by Socar Myles. Before you start: This is a fairly advanced tutorial–definitely more difficult than the clouds tutorial . It covers my whole painting process, from sketch to finishing touches, and can be applied to either Photoshop painting or oil painting. The example in question is a digital painting, but I will also describe how I would render the same effects in oils, for anyone who would like to follow along on a non-electronic canvas.
whitenoise » Blog Archive » Digital Painting tutorial – Jean Grey Phoenix This is probably the longest post that I have ever posted, and by probably I mean it is. Anyway this tutorial was originally supposed to be published in SKETCH! magazine. I was contacted to do a tutorial so I put this together but for some reason it was left on the shelf at SKETCH! and never published. whitenoise » Blog Archive » Digital Painting tutorial – Jean Grey Phoenix
Introduction After receiving some positive feedback to my last work “yuka” I decided to write a detailed tutorial about creating process. My main goal was to create a painting which was really detailed. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do it without a real photograph so I started to look for something that would interest me and make me want to spent a lot of hours painting it in photoshop. Making of Yuka

Making of Yuka

Painting Jake Sully Avatar Painting Jake Sully Avatar When I saw the James Cameron 'Avatar' movie for the first time I was very surprised. I've seen it 2 more times. The visual effects are amazing.
Just for the record, this tutorial has already been online for two years. Updated version now includes : - tips about blending,- a detailed schema about facial proportions, - screenshots of the tools used and tips about these tools- I fixed some typos. About blending : NO, there's no specific tool used, I just used the paintbrush as mentionned clearly in the tutorial. Pretty please guys, READ the tutorial before asking.I've already received 4 notes about blending yesterday some seconds right after I reposed the tutorial, I know that part was somehow missing in the previous tutorial since I had not explained it in a very detailed way with painted examples (I thought that was clear enough but it apparently wasn't) but it's now fully explained. Digital Painting Tutorial by `Dianae on deviantART

Digital Painting Tutorial by `Dianae on deviantART

Min Hyo Rin step by step by *zamboze on deviantART
3D Cartoon Painting Tutorial