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Children participate in classes that incorporate movement circuits, games and music. We know that “Movement Activates Learning” 

3 Common Discipline Challenges with Children and How to Deal with Them. Enforcing discipline in children helps mold them into becoming better adults.

3 Common Discipline Challenges with Children and How to Deal with Them

By learning how to deal with the common discipline challenges in children, you can make your parenting work easier. Tantrums or behavioral outbursts These emotional outbursts often result from a need or a want that has not be pacified. By predicting behavioral outbursts, you can avoid these things from occurring. You should also look for ways to channel their pent-up energy. Children’s martial arts in Vancouver not only helps curb their anxiety and high energy but also introduces discipline to them. Meal time drama Preparation is also key when it comes to avoiding meal time drama. Insisting on skipping sleep. How to Avoid Separation Anxiety in Children ~ TumbleTown Movement Education Centre. Children often develop separation anxiety.

How to Avoid Separation Anxiety in Children ~ TumbleTown Movement Education Centre

At a young age, they still don’t have a good grasp of time. Even if you will be gone for only a short while, it can be a long and painstaking waiting for them. Anxiety can develop into poor self-esteem in the future so it is important to curb it as early as you can. Here are some tips: Kids gymnastics classes in Vancouver are naturally fun and exciting.

But if attending a class with this kind of activity is something new to your kids, they might feel uncertain about it. Toddlerhood is such a wonderful stage.

Their antics will just make laugh. Their ability to absorb information and their capacity for learning never fail to astound. But this can be a difficult stage too as erratic behavior can rear its ugly head. Because this is the time when they absorb so much information and they have all these neurons being released by their brain, it can become overwhelming to process all of the things they see around them. This can lead to an emotional outburst as a way of coping. The following are some ways on how you can manage or cope with toddler behavior and encourage your little one to behave better anywhere: Best Foods For Your Little Gymnast.

How Gymnastics Classes Help in Your Toddler’s Development. 3 Best Foods For Your Little Gymnast. Gymnastic is a sport activity that uses up a lot of muscles and will require right timing and focus.

3 Best Foods For Your Little Gymnast

It also requires short bursts of energy. If you are enrolling your child in kids gymnastics classes in Vancouver at educational centres like Tumbletown, you have to make sure that they are eating the right foods so they can keep up. Meats rich in protein Chicken, turkey and fish are the best sources of protein because they are not fatty. Tips in Preparing Your Kids for Gymnastics Classes. 4 Children’s Birthday Party Tips That Can Reduce Your Stress. Planning child’s birthday parties in Vancouver can be a source of stress for many parents.

4 Children’s Birthday Party Tips That Can Reduce Your Stress

There are so many things to consider including the venue, the theme and the guests. And in this day and age when there are lofty expectations of child’s birthday parties in Vancouver, you would want to make sure that your child’s party is one to remember. Tips for a Stress-Free Birthday for Your Child. A child’s birthday need not be a source of stress for many parents.

Tips for a Stress-Free Birthday for Your Child

With some techniques and ideas, you can throw memorable child’s birthday parties in Vancouver and also be able to enjoy the party yourself. Keep it Small It’s harder to keep track of everyone if you have a long guest list. Limit your guests to just the closest people in your life. Not only will you be able to reduce the number of things you have to do, but you will also be able to save a lot of money. Take it Elsewhere It might seem easier to throw the party at home but think about the amount of cooking or cleaning you will have to do later. How to Get Your Kids to Sleep Better at Night ~ TumbleTown Movement Education Centre.

A kid who has a bad night time sleeping routine is every parent’s worst nightmare.

How to Get Your Kids to Sleep Better at Night ~ TumbleTown Movement Education Centre

Some kids tend to be restless at night, especially when a routine has not been established yet. If you have this problem, here are some tips that can get your kids to sleep better and more soundly at night: Let them become more active during the day. This will help deplete their energy and make them more able to relax at the end of the day. They say that kids who are addicted to flat screen TVs and tablets have lazy parents. The first day of pre-school can be a challenge not just for the kids but also for the parents.

Kids will naturally feel anxious about being separated with their parents and parents will also have similar feelings. But before you enroll your kid for pre-school, make sure you have done some steps to prepare him or her in order to reduce the emotional drama that usually accompanies first day of school. Here are some things that can be done years or months prior to attending pre-school:

Movement Education. Children's Martial Arts Vancouver. Child's Birthday Parties Vancouver. Come celebrate your child’s birthday at TumbleTown! Our parties are a fun and active way for your child to celebrate this exciting day! We run a fun-filled gymnastics movement session for your child and his or her closest friends.

Parties are 2 hours long, with up to 1.5 hours in the gym and 30 minutes in the party room. Gym time consists of instructed play including exciting games and activities, and specialized instruction on all our TumbleTown equipment. Cost: $350 + tax. Children's Gymnastics Classes Vancouver.