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TULI eServices, a dynamic software solution company is integrating the mechanism amongst technology, proficiency, strategy and experience for ages to prime your business for exponential growth and sustainability.

TULI eServices - Web Design, Mobile App & Software Development, Digital Marketing Company. Responsive Website Design & Cross Browser Web Development Services in USA - TULI eServices. Medical & Clinical Practice Management Solutions. TULI eServices’ healthcare offerings are managed IT solutions for Medical Practitioners to enhance customer expectations, increase management efficiencies and focus on overall productivity.

Medical & Clinical Practice Management Solutions

Online Appointment Booking SystemCall Center Management for Appointment RequestsDocument Management with EHRInternal Ticketing Management SystemEmployee Shift Management SystemAlert Management System. ADA Compliance - TULIeServices. Choose Accessible Web Design for All Users We are committed to deliver an accessible experience for our clients through their websites.

ADA Compliance - TULIeServices

We believe that the websites are accessible to all the users right from the design to navigation and display of content to its functionality. We ensure that the websites we develop are ADA compliant and are highly accessible. The websites we create for our clients meet WCAG 2.0 standards. Our team of expert designers will assist you throughout the phases of planning, designing, development and launching our client’s accessible websites. Drawing the Plans Starting a new website project is quite complex, it is important to draw a plan so that all key components are well taken care of. The objective of any business website is to spread words about its products or services. While planning for an accessible website design, all the essential aspects such as the appearance, tone, navigation, functionality, usability, etc. comes into account.

What to Do Next. E-Commerce Solutions-Web-Mobile Apps-US, India-TULI eServices. Cloud-based e-Commerce Solutions with branded Mobile Apps A standalone, full-fledged yet easy to use and thoughtfully designed eCommerce solution could increase your business multifold.

E-Commerce Solutions-Web-Mobile Apps-US, India-TULI eServices

Your eCommerce business should be facilitated with an intuitive feature set and uniqueness. The success story depends not only on the technology usability but also on the optimum use of economic scale and business intelligence. We thrive to provide a comprehensive eCommerce solution considering the use of ‘State of art’ both Web & Mobile along with tactical and strategical knowledge of eCommerce implementation. We believe in working with our clients, hand in hand to provide a premium eCommerce solution. Virtual Store DevelopmentEasy Product ListingOrder ManagementMultiple Payment and Shipping Integration Customer Relationship Management (CRM)Branded Mobile AppsIntegrated Marketing & RetargetingBusiness Decision Reporting & Analytics.

SEO Services-Social Media Marketing-NJ, NY, NC-TULI eServices. Mobile App Development-Android-iOS-Xamarin-USA, India-TULI eServices. Do you know that the total number of mobile app downloads worldwide in 2019 was 204 billion?

Mobile App Development-Android-iOS-Xamarin-USA, India-TULI eServices

There was a significant surge of more than 60 billion mobile app downloads since 2016, which was estimated to 140.7 billion. The overall revenue that comes from Mobile Apps worldwide in 2019 was USD 462 billion. TULI eServices incorporate an innovative team of expert mobile app developers with years of experience in crafting custom mobile applications. We design and develop platform-specific apps, altered to the client’s business requirements. Our applications are highly responsive and work flawlessly on all screen sizes.

Ow you must have got enough reasons for having a multi-spectral mobile app for your business. By the end of 2020, the number of smartphone users globally is expected to reach 7.26 billion mark. With the increase in the use of smartphone devices worldwide, there is an immense surge in the demand for highly interactive mobile apps. Software-Web Design-Mobile App Development-SEO-NJ, NY, NC-TULI eServices. Blog-How to Increase Conversion Rate of E-commerce Websites? It’s surprising that even with a huge chunk of retail businesses taking advantages of global exposure and ease of the internet, very few of them actually invest in E-commerce conversion rate strategies.

Blog-How to Increase Conversion Rate of E-commerce Websites?

A bulk of the online marketing strategies include intensive social media marketing, use of related keywords, strategic ad placement, etc – however very little energy, focus or budget is allocated to boost actual shopping cart conversion rate. There are many factors which affect a customer’s decision when they’re on an E-commerce website, and a large portion of it depends on how personalized the experience is, along with proper product placement, relevant and accessible information as well as a clear reflection of what sets a business apart from others in the market. Tailor the customer experience Good product copy A good product description is a key to ensure that a customer makes a purchase from your website. Quality product photos Tackle shopping cart abandonment Address ambiguities.