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Foot pain

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Therapy Today Pain Relief. Why You Really Hurt: It All Starts In The Foot, Why You Really Hurt: It All Starts In The Foot, Free Shipping - Toe Spacers by BUNHEADS. NW Foot & Ankle. About What if you could correct a myriad of foot and ankle problems, WITHOUT expensive surgery or pharmaceutical drugs?

NW Foot & Ankle

What if you could reduce your chances of developing osteoarthritis? What if the approach was simple, logical, and cost-effective? Exercises For Hallux Rigidus. Hallux rigidus is a condition caused by arthritis at the base of your big toe.

Exercises For Hallux Rigidus

This condition leads to a bone spur that results in the inability to bend your big toe when walking or performing other activities. Hallux rigidus can result in pain when walking, swelling, and the inability to move the big toe up and down. Check in with your doctor to determine whether these exercises are right for your condition.