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Instacube. FRAMED*2.0. A Breakdown of the Raspberry Pi Computer. Raspberry Pi, a tiny computer the size of a credit card, has captured the imaginations of students, educators and tinkerers around the world since it became available in 2012.

A Breakdown of the Raspberry Pi Computer

Earlier this month, the organization behind the computer announced that it had sold its three millionth device. The computer was first developed by faculty members at the University of Cambridge in Britain who had noticed their incoming computer science students were ill-prepared for a high-tech education. They decided to build an inexpensive device that students could learn from. The result was an astonishingly simple product, delivered as a bare circuit board. Its innovation comes in its size, seizing upon a trend of fitting computing power on small hardware that has become a standard of smartphone development. The Model B computer, the most popular version, is available for $35. (on underside) An SD card is used for booting the computer and storage. Connects devices to the processor. Small enough to fit in a pocket. Electric Objects - A Computer Made For Art.

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Resin Project

Crackling finish. Thanks to Dollar Store Crafts for featuring this post!

crackling finish

For years whenever I wanted a cool crackled effect on my painted projects I used the very expensive (to me) crackle medium and even bought some paints that were supposed to crack on their own. Because of the cost I did not do anything large and I was sparing in what I did do. Well, thanks to this cheap alternative, I can go a bit crazy and experiment because I found out how to get the crackle effect with Elmer's Glue! It's alot less expensive than any size bottle of crackle medium and just before school it's downright CHEAP. I've been doing this for awhile but if you go to the Elmer's faq site, you can see the instructions towards the bottom of the page. On their page Elmer's used wood glue. So this tutorial, as requested, will have lots of pictures and step by steps so you can see what to expect. I painted this piece of foam board with flat black acrylic.

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Cool Tool PS Print

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Absolute Framemakers Los Angeles 90034 - Frames Exhibited in galleries and museums

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