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New Economics Foundation (empower+join+take control) Citizenry Empowerment. The Enspiral Network. Breakthrough Energy Coalition. Billions in Change. (Mov.Mujeres USA) CODEPINK_Grupo_Local Peace Economy. Want to grow your Local Peace Economy, but don’t know where to start? Here is a 1-week starter guide that will help you sow the seeds to peace. To begin you will want to set aside a special notepad or notebook where you will be jotting down notes regarding your one-week local peace economy challenge. Your notes will help you identify and keep track of what makes you feel good, the road-blocks (if any) that you encounter and what values you want to reflect. Each day you will have one activity or action to take that will help you lay the fertile grounds for local peace to thrive. Following the action is a journal prompt. The order in which the actions are presented is only a suggestion. Keep us posted about your developement! For today’s challenge instead of heading to your chain supermarket, store or coffee shop head to a local shop provider.

How buying local helps root you in the peace economy: Did you know? Buying local also means a greener, cleaner earth. Day 2: Give. Day 3: Buy smart. (USA) Great Transition Initiative (by Tellus Institute) (USA) Well-Being in Business Lab. (USA) The Next System Project. (New Economy working group)"The Corporation" and Large Scale Enterprises in the New Economy | New Economy Working Group. About the Discussion Beginning in the 1970s, profitability pressures led the capitalist class in advanced countries to shift away from investment in industrial production at home toward the higher returns that financial products promised. Accompanying this was an absolute decline in the bargaining power of labor, a decline in wages and the dispersion of production throughout the developing world.

Corporations, as they operate today, drive to maximize financial income in a competitive environment regardless of people, communities and nature. As long as they are the principal political and economic actors that we have, building a new economy requires that they redefine their relationship to capital and that they acknowledge their social and environmental responsibilities. This NET discussion opens up a wide ranging discussion of new directions for large enterprise. Suggested Background Readings Youtube playlist The Minutes for this NET Session Additional Resources. (USA-instituto interesante) Publications - The Tellus Institute for a Great Transition. Angels by the River In this new memoir, Tellus Associate Fellow Gus Speth describes the arc of his life’s journey from a leader in environmentalism and human development, to a highly regarded author, thought-leader, and activist for fundamental social change.

Great Transition: The Promise and Lure of the Times Ahead Describes the historic roots, future perils, and alternate pathways for world development, and advances for a new agenda The Century Ahead: Searching for Sustainability Quantitative analysis of four scenarios. Frontiers of a Great Transition A portfolio of 15 new essays on critical aspects of an alternative global vision.

Corporate Design: A report that challenges conventional views regarding the purpose and structure of corporations, and proposes "corporate design" as a new framework for shaping 21st century business. Use the above PUBLICATIONS SEARCH button to find the publication, subject area or authors that you wish to view.

Contours of a Resilient Global Future. (USA. Fuente: David Korten) Change the Story, Change the Future | New Economy Working Group. "Our future is ours to choose. Change the story. Change the future. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. " A Living Economy for a Living Earth Economics of Sustainability: Emerging Models for a Healthy Planet Praxis Peace Institute Conference Keynote by David Korten Tuesday, October 7, 2014 It is lovely to be back here in the Bay Area with so many dear friends and colleagues from the forefront of the New Economy movement.

Georgia, in her framing invitation to this conference, spoke of the cultural resistance to the deep changes we as a species must now navigate. Tonight I’m going to share my reflections on a simple self-evident but largely forgotten truth. Sacred Money and Market In March 2012, I was a guest at a small gathering of indigenous environmental leaders at the Pocantico Retreat Center, the former Rockefeller family estate in New York, to discuss the then upcoming Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable development in Rio.

Time is Life. Time is money. A New Story Wow. Change the Story. Blue Star Silicon Valley - GlobalGEA. Blue Star Silicon Valley A Breakthrough In Solving ‘Impossible’ Regional Challenges ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~a prospectus~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Summary Silicon Valley led the way in revolutionizing technology. Life on our planet is sorely in need of another breakthrough, this time in the realm of social architecture. Narrow and/or myopic definitions of successSystems based on control over peopleSystems devoid of capacity to consciously self-evolve These design flaws are so pervasive, commonplace and longstanding that they are as water to fish — invisible.

The next big thing will not be a thing. Click to enlarge There are thousands of committed ‘for-social-good’ initiatives and ventures around the world. Now Is The Time. We’re at an unprecedented choice point on our evolutionary journey. We can choose ‘Business As Usual’, our default choice, and risk facing the mother of all crises — a drastic and potentially irreversible catastrophe for life on our planet.

We can make a distinctly different choice. Vital4lifefoundation | (Movimiento) Economía Basada en Recursos. En esencia somos activistas de diferentes partes del mundo SIN ANIMO DE LUCRO articulados en equipos de trabajo científicos, tecnológicos y artísticos que abogamos por la sostenibilidad global, actuando sobre la necesidad de llevar a cabo una transición del actual sistema monetario global, hacia la construcción de otro modelo y forma de vida realmente adecuada y coherente con los ritmos del planeta, que nosotros denominamos Economía Basada en Recursos.

Por tanto también parte de este proceso que llevamos a cabo trata de actualizar el funcionamiento de la sociedad al nivel de los métodos probados y avanzados que la ciencia y métodos semejantes pueden ofrecernos en pro de una vida mejor para todos. En los Acuerdos Básicos se describen los principios y objetivos de nuestra comunidad, así como los medios para lograr y llevar a cabo una Economía Basada en Recursos (EBR) entre todos.

Entendimientos El mejor modo de solucionar los problemas es comprobando los hechos. Activismo Café EBR.