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30 Great HTML5 Video & Audio Players HTML5 video & udio players are video players which you can watch streaming videos & audios on without the need to install any additional add-on or plug-ins like Adobe Flash Player or Java on your HTML5 compatible web browsers. Rather than load up a Silverlight or Flash player, you can just wrap a file URL in video tags and the video will play natively in the most recent crop of browsers In this post we have collected some great html5 video & audio players for your next project. SublimeVideo is the world’s first cloud-based, HTML5 video player; a universal and pain-free solution that allows video to play flawlessly on any device or browser. 30 Great HTML5 Video & Audio Players

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FEEDJIT - Live Traffic Feed & Other Awesome Widgets - Flock Cut and paste the code below into your blog's sidebar template: All you need to do is copy the code above into the HTML code of your blog or website. If you're not a web designer and need a little help, here are a few tips: You are going to install Feedjit in your site's sidebar so that it loads on every page. To do this you need to edit your blog or website template. Read your blog hosts documentation on how to edit your site template.
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