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O as agências de viagens investem em tecnologia - Flock. O que procuram as agências de viagens na América Latina quanto o tema é “tendências e tecnologia”?

o as agências de viagens investem em tecnologia - Flock

Para responder a essa pergunta e traçar um perfil dos passos das agências de turismo nesse segmento, a Amadeus encomendou uma pesquisa à Frost & Sullivan, consultoria global em inteligência de mercado. O estudo segue a estratégia da Amadeus de apoio e investimento na região e identifica quais os drivers do mercado para este ano no que se refere à adoção tecnológica no segmento de agências de viagens. Foram ouvidos gerentes de TI, diretores, CIOs e proprietários de agências de tamanhos variados em 11 países diferentes. Cláudio Altieri, diretor de Marketing da Amadeus para a América Latina, já com o estudo em mãos, comentou que “atualmente, já existe a consciência de que investimentos destinados à tecnologia da informação não constituem gastos, mas sim desembolso estratégico. Veja a seguir, os principais pontos do estudo.

11 Mind-Blowing Reasons Your Business Needs Facebook. Everyone seems to be using Facebook to connect with old friends, but do you realize what this huge network could mean for your business?

11 Mind-Blowing Reasons Your Business Needs Facebook

In the past 3 years, Facebook has surged past MySpace to become our preferred online hangout. And businesses are beginning to catch on. Interesting research shows just how influential Facebook has become in our daily lives. Combined with several critical adjustments to how Facebook publishes “news” and intersects with other sites, the state of Facebook is mind-blowing. Liodice: 10 Events That Transformed Marketing. FUTURE: The Great Mobile Trend. Update: HP has just notified us that the winner of the laptop (below) must be a Singapore resident I can hear your groans because I would feel the same too.

FUTURE: The Great Mobile Trend

Nonetheless, please feel free to comment . If you ask me what I envision the future to be, I would say mobile. Some of you might share the same vision, but what opportunities lie ahead is something that I’m particularly interested in. Before we get too engrossed in the guessing game, let’s see what hints past events in the mobile industry have left us. 1. Apple rocked the mobile industry with the introduction of the iPhone. That probably shook giant mobile makers, Nokia, Samsung, and HTC back to reality. 2. Nokia has reacted to the iPhone rave via lawsuits, BlackBerry came out with its own BlackBerry Appworld, and Motorola with its Droid (remember the iDon’t campaign?) Nexus One has a simple design like the iPhone and its dynamic apps platform depends heavily on its users too. But will Nexus One be a success? 3. Top Tools For Tracking Topics on the Web - Flock. Tracking topics on the Web can be a painful process, due to the amount of noise and difficulty of filtering it.

Top Tools For Tracking Topics on the Web - Flock

So to help you out, we've selected and categorized the leading topic-tracking tools. This is based on the discussion that arose from our earlier post about topic feeds, which are RSS feeds for keywords or phrases. During the process of analyzing these topic tracking tools, we discovered - to our surprise - that not many of these services output results as RSS. Some of the leading apps in this field require users to visit their service. With that in mind, here is our full list and analysis. HOW TO: Take Advantage of Social Media in Your E-mail Marketing.

This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business.

HOW TO: Take Advantage of Social Media in Your E-mail Marketing

You’ve most likely had an e-mail newsletter for your company for much longer than you’ve had a presence on social media sites. But now that you do both, the two can go hand-in-hand, with e-mail creating an opportunity to extend your presence on social media sites, and social media sites providing a way to get more e-mail subscribers. At the moment though, most marketers aren’t connecting the dots. Why Networking Doesn't End When Your Job Search Does. Travel: An Abysmal "Social" Experience! When it comes to air travel today, no one enjoys it. Recently I had to be in New York City.

4 Web Tools You May Have Missed - Flock. I encounter so many web apps over the course of any given day that some tend to get lost in the mix, especially the oddball little applications that do something that isn’t in my standard workflow.

4 Web Tools You May Have Missed - Flock

Study Finds Marketers Embracing Social Media Marketing in a Big. Study Finds Marketers Embracing Social Media Marketing in a Big Way Integrated marketing services provider Alterian today released the results of their seventh annual survey on social media marketing adoption.

Study Finds Marketers Embracing Social Media Marketing in a Big

The survey covered 1068 marketing professionals worldwide (actually, it was 98% North America and Europe and only 2% Asia Pacific and other regions). What Top Brands Have Learned From Their Facebook Experience. Facebook Fan Page Optimization Tips. The best place you can place your brand on Facebook is through a Facebook Page.

Facebook Fan Page Optimization Tips

As of the time of this writing, over 10 million users become fans of Fan Pages every day. This number should be no surprise — when people “fan” your Page, their friends see it, and your brand spreads organically. The Most Random Facebook Groups Ever! The Inexperienced Guide to an Optimized Blog in 30 Min. This being my debut article on SEJ I wanted to write on a topic that I’m passionate about.

The Inexperienced Guide to an Optimized Blog in 30 Min

As an educator I always try to share my experiences and knowledge to help the community and my students. I figured there would be no better way for me to get started than to help you get started. Today we are going to squash some myths and shake things up a bit by creating a simple, optimized website in under 30 min. Stop Trying to be an Expert While there are countless photoshop and html/css tutorials out there, the truth of the matter is that we are not all designers and developers. A Custom Website or Blog is Expensive Well yes and no, again, you get what you pay for. FilmNet - Film and People Network - Flock.