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Kyle Lacy, Social Media - Indianapolis - Flock. Twitter is growing by leaps and bounds and it is important that you start utilizing the tool.

Kyle Lacy, Social Media - Indianapolis - Flock

There are thousands upon millions of people using Twitter and many of them could be your future clients! 1. Top 50 Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools - Flock. With over 70 Million users on Twitter, it is definitely the “buzz” word of the year.

Top 50 Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools - Flock

Yet there are people who do not know about tracking and analyzing their stats, influence and success on Twitter. Today there are many social media tracking and analytics tools available that can track your performance on social media sites like twitter. These tools are essentially tweet analyzing software that assists a company/individual with various kind of analysis including sentiment, behavioral and other analysis. Monitoring your tweeting habits and tweet content can helps you get maximum benefit and also will work well for overall improvement. But then if you do a google search for such tools, you will come across many in which some of them can be really annoying and time wasting. TwitterCounter is a great twitter service that offers updated statistics of your followers, following, and daily tweets. 2.Twitteranalyzer. Twitter: Top Twitter Tools Exposed & Explained at Lightning Spee.

How business does Twitter. A Big List of Twitter Related Resources. FrontPage. How to Turn Twitter Into Your One-Stop Lifestream - Flock. A lot of your online time is probably spent divided between publishing and sharing content on a variety of websites, from Flickr to YouTube.

How to Turn Twitter Into Your One-Stop Lifestream - Flock

There are a few options that allow you to aggregate all of that content into a lifestream, such as FriendFeed, or for the more adventurous, there’s the self-hosted Sweetcron. But a lifestream isn’t any fun if no one is listening. Most of us have a few people who are interested in what we have to say in one place in particular – on Twitter. So why make the extra effort of interacting with people on two separate websites, or attracting visitors to your self-hosted lifestream, when you can easily use a Twitter lifestream to share all your online content? Set up all of your accounts to feed directly into your Twitter lifestream, and make sure to label each of these tweets with a relevant hashtag. Using hashtags gives Twitter that much-needed organization, turning it into a searchable lifestream. Videos Photos Bookmarks Music Shared Content. Top 5 Companies We’re Shocked Are Not on Twitter - Flock.

5 Free Sites For Beautiful And Professional Looking Twitter Back. Uncovering Connections on Twitter Could Become Big Business. If there's a hard-to-reach person you want to meet, one of the best ways to do so is through their friends.

Uncovering Connections on Twitter Could Become Big Business

That's true in the offline world and the increasingly social nature of the internet may make discovery of the social circles of key influencers a powerful business practice online. 8 Analytics apps for Twitter - Flock. Perishable Press - Flock. Might as well face it, Twitter is here to stay.

Perishable Press - Flock

Not that it’s all that bad, just used to be a lot more laid-back and enjoyable. These days it seems to have been taken over by the lowest common-denominator, mostly high-school twits or useless commercial propaganda. Even so, I still enjoy tweeting the occasional profound thought once in awhile, and even like to play around with various types of “advanced” Twitter functionality. You know, cool stuff like including “Tweet This!”

Links with short URLs, showing off my number of Twitter followers, displaying the number of tweets for each post, and even backing up my marvelous tweets quickly and easily. “Tweet This!” I like to include an easy way for readers to “tweet” my posts, but the URLs are generally way over Twitter’s 140-character limit. 85+ of the Best Twitterers Designers Should Follow. There are thousands of designers on Twitter tweeting about everything from ongoing projects to their personal lives. But only a small percentage of those tweet about design topics of interest to other designers and design addicts. These people cover everything from their design process to their own projects, and design resources from all over the web.

Best of the Web - 1000 Twitter Apps, Tools, Clients, and Service. Everything you ever wanted to know about Twitter. 7 Great Databases for Twitter Applications - Flock. Everyday new applications are being developed using the twitter API.

7 Great Databases for Twitter Applications - Flock

10 Ways to Share Music on Twitter - Flock. Twitter is fast becoming one of the most important ways to share information quickly, easily, and instantly over the web.

10 Ways to Share Music on Twitter - Flock

Users and developers have found a lot of innovative ways to pack a ton of utility into just 140 characters, including sharing images, sharing video, and sharing documents. What about music? Turns out, there are plenty of ways to share tunes on Twitter as well. Below are ten of the best ways to tweet about what you're listening to. If you know of any other ways to share music on Twitter that we should be aware of, please let us know in the comments. 1. Tinysong is a very basic URL shortener for music powered by P2P music sharing service Grooveshark.

5 awesome Twitter lists and 25 cool geeks worth listing. Although Lists isn’t a new concept (Friendfeed has had them for months) they have proven to be a great addition to Twitter.

5 awesome Twitter lists and 25 cool geeks worth listing

Lists make it easier than ever to categorize users and curate content for your followers and yourself. The ability to create lists does indeed add fantastic value to Twitter, and lists can even be grabbed as an embeddable widget that can easily be customized and added to your personal website. Looking for cool twitterers for your lists? Look no further. Here are 25 notable geeks, picked from five excellent tech lists. 10 Better Ways To Use TwitPic - Flock. By Kalvin “Dr.

10 Better Ways To Use TwitPic - Flock

Kal” Chinyere, M.D. of Dr. Kal’s Weight Loss Tips. Follow him @DrKal. TwitPic is an excellent application that further boosts Twitter’s usefulness. However, so many people use TwitPic incorrectly. Using TwitPic as if it were Flickr is similar to using your iPhone as if it were an iPod.