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Using Google Wave for Task Management - Flock. I’m getting more and more into Google Wave as a collaboration tool.

Using Google Wave for Task Management - Flock

I’m using it with Justin Levy for work stuff, with a whole host of people for my new business project, and I’m getting into the possibilities. I still have many wishes for it (post forthcoming). Today, I started using it for task management, shifting away from my use of “Things” on my Mac. Here’s my reasoning: How Google Wave could transform journalism. Google Wave lets users collaborate live on documents.

How Google Wave could transform journalism

The tech world is awash with excitement for today's scheduled release of 100,000 invitations to preview Google Wave. Seems like everyone is buzzing about how the collaborative Web tool will revolutionize how we do business, organize parties, manage projects with friends, cheat on homework and market brands (trust us, we've seen the news releases, plural). The term "Google Wave" has been on Twitter's top-trending list all day. Top 10 Web Collaboration Tools (That Aren't Google Wave) - Google Wave's Best Use Cases. @arekkusu82: Realistically, Wave is just a new implementation of an old idea.

Google Wave's Best Use Cases

You can acheive much the same thing with SharePoint Discussion boards, or Microsoft Groove (which was developed by a different company before being gobbled up my Microsoft), or ShareFlow by zenbe. Wave is extensible, but so is SharePoint. Google Wave 101 - Wave - Lifehacker. After listening to TWiG last weekend, and reading these tips, I'm still confused about one thing.

Google Wave 101 - Wave - Lifehacker

Is it possible to make a read-only public wave? For example, a public wave contributed to only by say, ESPN,, and Fox Sports. It could be the their official group wave (or pool, which is kind of liquidy/wavy) for something like the Superbowl or a breaking news story. I'd love for there to be a wave I could go to and join (or subscribe to or whatever it will be called) just so there's one definitive place for the latest and most accurate news of something. Gmail in real-time: Google does the Wave. Updated 12:28 p.m.

Gmail in real-time: Google does the Wave

PDT with additional comments from Google. Google is ready to start talking about its answer to demand for real-time--yet organized--Internet communication. Google on Thursday publicly demonstrated Google Wave for the first time at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco. Top Web Resources - Flock. Google Wave Robots are the best way to explore Wave.

Top Web Resources - Flock

Here is the huge list of Google Wave Robots that you can add in your contacts and enjoy waving .. Before getting into the list – You should know How to add Google Wave bots and Google Wave Gadgets. Huge List of 100 Google Wave Robots - Google Wave Cinema: Pulp Fiction - Flock. Lost Inside Google Wave? 5 Waves To Make Your Life. If you are brand new to Google Wave (aren’t we all?)

Lost Inside Google Wave? 5 Waves To Make Your Life

And a bit confused, then you are going to love this post. The goal here is to point you in the right direction on the wave to get updated content and help. Please keep in mind you must be logged into your Wave account in order for the links in this post to connect you! Guia Google Wave: Vídeo com a apresentação oficial do Google Wav. Top Web Resources - Flock. Waving Goodbye to 2009 - Flock. Tips for Google Wave - Flock. As I’m getting more and more into using Google Wave, I’m coming to appreciate its collaborative value.

Tips for Google Wave - Flock

The only way that I’m using it right now is as follows: I come up with an idea. I want another opinion about the idea. I write it up in Wave. GoogleWave.