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5 Powerful Ways To Google People From Alternative Search Engines. The verb “to google” was officially added to the Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary and the Oxford English Dictionary in 2006.

5 Powerful Ways To Google People From Alternative Search Engines

As the Official Google Blog clarifies the trademark, it should only be strictly used when you use Google to search. But that doesn’t stop us from using alternative search engines to search for people, does it? Let’s look at 5 alternative search engines that work better than Google when you are searching for people online. It is useful to remember, that another important use of people search engines is to find out if anyone is impersonating you online.

Neat Little Google Trick for Free Music - Flock. Website Optimizer - Flock. 11 Obscure Google Tricks You Didn’t Know Existed. Are you looking for a couple of tricks to squeeze as much as possible from your Google searches?

11 Obscure Google Tricks You Didn’t Know Existed

You’ve come to the right place. Many articles will show you how to perform basic math functions, perform measurement conversions and other things. In this article I am going to show you some pretty cool search tricks you probably didn’t know existed. If you know of a realy cool search trick that is not listed here make sure to use the comments section at the end of the article to share your knowledge. 7 Clever Google Tricks Worth Knowing. Email Below I have compiled a list of 7 clever Google tricks that I believe everyone should be aware of.

7 Clever Google Tricks Worth Knowing

Together I think they represent the apex of the grand possibilities associated with Google search manipulation tricks and hacks. Although there are many others out there, these 7 tricks are my all-time favorite. 15 Handy Google Search Tricks. Most of us use Google search to search on various topics, products, tips, etc.

15 Handy Google Search Tricks

No doubt it’s one of the best search engines available out there. In order to search something we simply enter the keywords in the search bar and search for stuff but did you ever know that there are several built in functions within Google which makes searching stuff even easier. Feature Column from the AMS - Flock. As we'll see, the trick is to ask the web itself to rank the importance of pages...

Feature Column from the AMS - Flock

Imagine a library containing 25 billion documents but with no centralized organization and no librarians. In addition, anyone may add a document at any time without telling anyone. You may feel sure that one of the documents contained in the collection has a piece of information that is vitally important to you, and, being impatient like most of us, you'd like to find it in a matter of seconds.

How would you go about doing it? Posed in this way, the problem seems impossible. 12 Quick Tips To Search Google Like An Expert - Flock. If you’re like me, you probably use Google many times a day.

12 Quick Tips To Search Google Like An Expert - Flock

But chances are, unless you're a technology geek, you probably still use Google in its simplest form. If your current use of Google is limited to typing in a few words and changing your query until you find what you’re looking for, then I’m here to tell you that there’s a better way -- and it’s not hard to learn. On the other hand, even if you are a technology geek and can use Google like the best of them already, I still suggest you bookmark this article of Google search tips. More search help : Google search basics - Web Search Help - Floc. Google Features That Make Teachers' Lives Easier Part 1 – Google. Today’s post is the first in several that will give you an insight to some Google tools you may not have not had the chance to previously explore.

Google Features That Make Teachers' Lives Easier Part 1 – Google

Yes, we all Google in one form or another, but most of us are unaware of little tools and great updated features that make Google more than a basic search engine. Plus, with the newest features of Google Squared, the Timeline, and the Wonder Wheel, students and teachers have a way to navigate through information more efficiently and effectively. Google Features That Make Teachers' Lives Easier Part 2 - Wonder. Jul23 Today I’m sharing with you a couple of my favorite Google treasures, and these have the potential to finally make searching for students less stressful as they turn searching into a visual – Hooray!

Google Features That Make Teachers' Lives Easier Part 2 - Wonder

I’m hoping this will eliminate some of the “being lost in the web” time teachers and students face and help to find better results more efficiently.