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Use Google Profiles for Greater Productivity and Organization. I have the way to make your online activities more productive, more organized, and even safer.

Use Google Profiles for Greater Productivity and Organization

That sounds like the beginning of a pitch for some sort of infomercial product, but I’m telling you, this is a fact! With just one piece of software, Google Chrome and profiles, you can make a good part of your life easier…and possibly more profitable. This is a big deal and best of all, of course, it is free. That’s right – FREE! Just like my favourite kind of meal. Now you might not want to read what I’m about to type next. Get Google Chrome First, download and install the Google Chrome web browser. Get a Google Account or Three Second, get a Google account, if you don’t already have one. Now think of the major projects that you have either on the go or upcoming. Take your two lists and compare them, condense them a bit. Head over to Google and make new accounts based on those roles. Once you have your new accounts created, open up your Chrome web browser.

Voila! 5 Creative Ways to Use Pinterest for Business. May 16, 2012 5 Creative Ways to Use Pinterest for Business By Juliet McEwen Johnson in Pay Per Click As the new #3 social network, Pinterest’s growth is meteoric and previously unheard of.

5 Creative Ways to Use Pinterest for Business

Businesses can’t get there fast enough. But how should they promote their products and services without offending the calm, grazing culture of window-shoppers delighting in gorgeous, lush photographs. 1. Pinterest offers an ideal opportunity to demonstrate your authority in an area you know well. Since Pinterest is all visual, it is an ideal platform for a photo contest. How To Turn Any Bookmarklet Into A Customized Toolbar Button [Firefox] - Flock. Ever since Pinterest came around, I started re-discovering the power of bookmarklets.

How To Turn Any Bookmarklet Into A Customized Toolbar Button [Firefox] - Flock

Recently, Erez told you all about why you should use more bookmarklets and less browser extensions, and while I definitely still use several extensions, there are some websites that work better with bookmarklets. After using Chrome as my default browser for quite some time, I’ve recently gone back to my roots and am now using Firefox 12. For some reason which I have yet to research sufficiently, I can’t seem to drag bookmarklets to the bookmark bar and have them appear there, easy to reach. Even with that aside, though, I really dislike the bookmark bar, which takes up too much of my valuable window space. So should I give up bookmarklets completely? This was when I found this really cool tip on ReadWriteWeb, about an add-on which allows you to turn simple bookmarklets into nice Firefox toolbar buttons. Get Custom Buttons After the compulsory Firefox restart, you’ll be ready for the next step.

11 Must-Have Add-Ons for Firefox 4: Online Collaboration « - Flock. 10 Must-Have FireFox Plugins For Web Designers. ColorZilla allows you to get the color code from every pixel in your browser.

10 Must-Have FireFox Plugins For Web Designers

You can also zoom the page and measure the distance between two points on the page. ColorZilla comes with a built-in palette browser that allows you to choose colors from pre-defined sets. A simple but extremely useful tool. Download ColorZilla Firebug is the Swiss pocket knife for web developers. Download Firebug. 10 Cool Internet Browsers You May Not Have Heard About. 10 Cool Internet Browsers You May Not Have Heard About Web browsers are the windows to the largest virtual world known to mankind: the Internet, and as long as the web plays a role in our everyday life, so do the various web browsers.

10 Cool Internet Browsers You May Not Have Heard About

Internet browsers have gone a long way from the World Wide Web released in the late 1980s to the ones available today. The advent of a large number of browsers, even lead to the ‘browser wars’, and as a result of which better features were added than simple fixing of the bugs that existed. Finally today there seems to be a browser for every particular need-from better security to good skins and themes. Here are 10 cool but lesser know Internet browsers. 1. K-Meleon is an open-source browser developed for the Windows lovers. 5 Cool About:Config Hacks To Make Firefox Browsing Smoother - Fl. Part of the reason behind Firefox’s success is the fact that there is an awesome team of individuals behind it, who work around the clock to make it live up to the stringent quality standards, which are a hallmark of Mozilla.

5 Cool About:Config Hacks To Make Firefox Browsing Smoother - Fl

However, there is a second, almost equally important reason as to why each version of Firefox is a runaway success. There’s virtually no limit to the amount of customization you can apply to Firefox. Most of these come in the form of extensions (small add-ons, which add to the functionality). However, today we are going to talk about another, more covert way of customizing Firefox. All the different settings of Firefox can be accessed from one convenient location using the Firefox “About Config” hack. Here’s a list of the best, most useful Firefox about:config hacks. Make Firefox Free Up RAM When Minimized: