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PA-DSS - PCI Security Standards Council. Home - PCI Security Standards Council. 株式会社ソリマチ技研/製品情報-JET-S端末POS連動用OCXドライバ. Cards International. In-Game Payments, Virtual Currency and Subscriptions. Payments News for Payments Professionals from Glenbrook Partners. Asian Banking and Finance - The online site for Asian Banking and Finance Magazine - Banking news for Asia. E-Hospitality: Digital Marketplace for the hospitality industry.

Global - FeliCa Web Site. 日本カードネットワーク(CARDNET)│端末機器のご案内│オンライン端末サービス. 端末機器のご案内 クレジット決済端末 JET-S端末シリーズ CARDNETのJET-S端末シリーズは、クレジットカード・デビットカード決済の他、接触・非接触ICカード決済にも対応。


Digital Transactions Homepage. Ecommerce Solutions, Merchandise Planning, Payment Processing & Asia Pacific Smart Card Association - smart,contactless and NFC.


Japan. PaymentsSource. The Green Sheet - Information. Banking Information Security News, Regulations, White Papers, We. 票啦啦 – 最专业的电影票订购平台. Customer / Card Not - Home Page.