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Photographie. OAI13 : Culture Photo et société. AORTA. FILE Magazine - Thumbnails - 1. Photography. Justement. Cildo Meireles, Insertions into Ideological Circuits (Coca Cola Project), 1970 The Coca-Cola Project… explore[s] the notion of circulation and exchange of goods, wealth and information as manifestations of the dominant ideology.


For the Coca-Cola Project Meireles removed Coca-Cola bottles from normal circulation and modified them by adding critical political statements, or instructions for turning the bottle into a Molotov cocktail, before returning them to the circuit of exchange. On the bottles, such messages as ‘Yankees Go Home’ are followed by the work’s title and the artist’s statement of purpose: ‘To register informations and critical opinions on bottles and return them to circulation’. Masao Yamamoto at Craig Krull Gallery. FILE Magazine - Unexpected Photography. Hidden_shine. Galerie de George Eastman House. Pictures. The Photography of Lilya Corneli. AMERICAN SUBURB X.

Archives & mythologie des lucioles. FANTOMATIK. The Divine Diptych Project. In the street - John Gutmann. L I H U I.


Women-Photographer. Mondes croisés - senSibles. Photography. Lobbiaz Blog. Recordis Photography. FERRATER STUDIO · Fashion photography Studio. Fevereiro 2010. Mozilla Firefox. Thomas LÉONLIGHT INCIDENT Exhibition from 6 June until 18 july 2009 Thomas Léon expresses his work, for the most part, through the video medium.

Mozilla Firefox

His installations are dense and complex, and explore unromantic urban landscapes (collective housing, outlying urban zones) where synthesis images and sound effects are used to create emotional tension. Surrealities. Kakuunohito works. Untitled. Sans Visage. ERIC BESNIER - Photographe. Miles Aldridge.