Read a Barcode Read a Barcode From Wired How-To Wiki Why are barcodes so cryptic? Those little graphics found on the packages, composed of straight thin and bold lines, are the universal way to keep track of inventory. It stands to figure that these things have got to be useful, if only you can crack the code. Well, you can. In September of 1999, a 16-year-old Louisiana high school student named Jonathan Washington demonstrated an ability to read the Code 39 bar codes off any student's ID badge in 15 seconds.
Open Source QR Code Library
iphone-qrcode - Project Hosting on Google Code QRCodes are two dimensional bar codes very popular in Japan. This app is a QR Code reader which uses the iPhone camera. Currently, the app works with codes from semapedia and my own generated codes. I'm having some bugs in certain conditions which I think center around retries. (for a 3-Q code, it tries 3-Q first, then 3-H repeatedly which is wrong). iphone-qrcode - Project Hosting on Google Code
QR-Code Generator

QR-Code Generator

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