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Finding Paul Miller - Full Feature. Mr. Wolf Magazine. Beginners Guide To Collecting Vinyl - Jeb Banner. I've gained some notoriety for my vinyl addiction, uh, I mean collecting.

Beginners Guide To Collecting Vinyl - Jeb Banner

Since I'm often approached for advice about buying vinyl, where to get record players, etc, I thought I should compile some of my advice into a post. This is by no-means a complete guide to buying vintage vinyl. If anyone is interested in some tips for buying new vinyl or turntables/vintage gear, let me know and I can put together a separate post on that topic. Condition My buddy Jason Yoder, who is probably the world's biggest collector of Indiana 45s- see, has a good saying about vinyl condition which goes something like- "Condition is to vinyl like location is to real estate. " Saftig, grovt brød til helgefrokosten? - God Morgen Norge. Seks tips for raskere trådløst nett.

Werner Herzog on death, danger and the end of the world. Some years ago, Werner Herzog was on an internal flight somewhere in Colorado and the plane's landing gear wouldn't come down.

Werner Herzog on death, danger and the end of the world

They would have to make an emergency landing. The runway was covered in foam and flanked by scores of fire engines. "We were ordered to crouch down with our faces on our knees and hold our legs," says Herzog, "and I refused to do it. " The stewardess was very upset, the co-pilot came out from the cabin and ordered him to do as he was told. How to Make Your Voice Sound Better in Audacity. Articles - - Fitness Based on Science & Experience.

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Articles - - Fitness Based on Science & Experience

Finding treasure: LA’s vinyl resurgence. As digital music takes over the airwaves and our iPods, what keeps music lovers, KCRW fans and dedicated DJs going back to old fashioned record stores?

Finding treasure: LA’s vinyl resurgence

Maybe it’s the striking artwork on the album covers, the feeling of resting a record ever so gently on a turntable, or that warm, vinyl sound. Producers Saul Gonzalez and Michael Garber took their cameras inside three record stores on the east side of town, where vinyl is very much alive. Roger Federer as Religious Experience - Tennis. Rob Tringali/Sports Chrome Antoine Couvercelle/DPPI/Icon SMI Federer at Wimbledon is meticulous, down to the hang of his blazer.

Roger Federer as Religious Experience - Tennis

The Moments are more intense if you’ve played enough tennis to understand the impossibility of what you just saw him do. We’ve all got our examples. Here is one. David Foster Wallace on Life and Work.