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Economics. Maps from 1942 of the never-was Nazi invasion of North America. I don't see how the Japanese could ever have mounted an invasion like these.

Maps from 1942 of the never-was Nazi invasion of North America

The necessary forces would have reduced their capabilities to hold their gains in China and SE Asia. To get Hawaii they would essentially need to send their entire fleet, and even if they did try to invade the west coast, its the west fucking coast, we could bomb the shit out of them even before they could think about landing some men on shore. Same thing with invading through Mexico. Don't you think we'd bomb the crap out of them all up and down Mexico. The Jap's only chance was to get us to piss our pants after Pearl Harbor and give up, but we didn't and so they were doomed from the get go. America's True History of Religious Tolerance.


B-24 Pin-Ups. Exploring Chinese History. Only once every twelve years does the occasion of Year of the Dragon occur.

Exploring Chinese History

This is just such a year. Please see the Features Section for some really great information on Chinese New Year. This Website has been designed to document Chinese History. I hope to include a little bit of everything. Among the Table of Contents of this site, you will find a news archive, sourced from various periodicals; a bibliographical, biographical, cultural and geographical database, chronologies, summaries, abstracts, outlines and presentations separated into ancient, pre- modern, modern, and contemporary periods of Chinese history, links to other online resources; Special Reports from the editors, foreign correspondents and ordinary people living in the greater China region and even current weather for major Chinese cities.

Institute for Historical Review. Lives, the Biography Resource. History of the Internet and Web. Internet Archive Wayback Machine.